Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Special Article on the recent corruption scandals in south Korea and their significance- ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA

    London 29th of April Juche 104(2015)
             The recent resignation of the south Korean puppet prime minister Lee Wan Koo  after the revelation  by south Korean businessman Sung Wan-jong that he had accepted a £27,000 bribe  just goes to show just how corrupt south Korea is and what a load of nonsense it is to describe south Korea as a "democracy " or an "advanced state" or a "welfare society " ,. In fact south Korea is an extremely corrupt anti-popular fascist state , which years ago would have been described as a "banana republic " . Many refer to south Korea as the "republic of the Jaebols "(Jaebols " are the giant monopoly capitalist corporations of south Korea such as Samsung and Daewoo) . All south Korean puppet regimes have been corrupt starting with Syngham Rhee . He gained notoriety, even before the US put him into power as their puppet, as he embezzled the funds of Korean nationalists . The father of Park Geun Hye, current south Korean puppet ruler , the fearsome fascist dictator Park Chung Hee was very corrupt (like father ,like daughter some would say ). During Park's rule the south Korean puppets even  tried to bribe US congressman with money from US aid  !The military successors to Park Chung Hee (who was shot by his own security chief in 1979) Chun Do Hwan and Roh Tae Woo were both corrupt and served time for corruption. The civilian fascist dictator Kim Yong Sam's son Kim Hyun Chol took bribes amounting to millions of dollars from the Hanbo company.
                         Under the Park Geun Hye puppet regime , corruption is getting worse. A report by the Political and Economic Risk consultancy of Hong Kong in 2013 showed that south Korea is the most corrupt country in all of Asia  an official said "“the more serious problem is that south  Korea’s leniency to corruption contributes to corruption ‘beyond south Korea’s borders’. The roots of corruption in south Korea stretch to the highest levels of government and business.” Park Geun Hye herself spends more time outside of south Korea on foreign trips than she does inside south Korea. The crisis around the latest corruption scandal occurred while Park was on a trip to Latin America spending south Korean taxpayers money and shaking hands with the blood-soaked Colombian fascist oligarchic regime(birds of a feather and all that ). South Korea has a huge gap between the rich and the poor which is becoming wider day by day .
               It is inevitable that corruption should be endemic in south Korea as the puppet regime was originally forced on the south Korean people by the US imperialists at the point of a bayonet . All south Korean puppet regimes have simply been instruments of US neo-colonial rule and have exploited the south Korean people.
It is no use trying to reform or tinker with the south Korean puppet ruling system  it needs to be overthrown completely and for independent reunification with the DPRK to take place.

Dermot Hudson

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