Sunday, 19 April 2015

Forest Restoration in DPRK

A nationwide forest restoration campaign is in full swing in the DPRK to cover mountains with green woods.
During an Arduous March enforced by the vicious economic sanctions of the imperialists and continued natural disasters in the 1990s many trees were chopped recklessly to settle the food and firewood problems and there as not a proper measure to prevent a forest fire, seriously reducing the forest resources of the country.
Marshal Kim Jong Un, leader of the DPRK said that with the poor forest conditions left as they are nobody can call himself the master of the country nor talk about patriotism, adding that it is the firm resolve and will of our Party to convert all mountains into mountains of treasure and golden mountains covered with green woods within 10 years.
Forest restoration is a difficult and complicated work to grow and transplant young trees and take care of them for years in the harsh conditions of nature.
It is also a vast nature transformation work to convert all mountains into mountains of treasure and golden mountains.
That’s why a forest restoration campaign is tantamount to a war with nature.
The DPRK carries out reforestation project not in the way of planting a few trees in tree-planting day for a function or transplanting some full-grown trees but in the way of growing many young trees and letting all people plant and take care of them.
For the purpose the country pays deeper attention to growing young trees.
The central and other nurseries producing different young trees of good species in large quantities are set up throughout country.
Many trees are planted qualitatively to enhance the rate of their rooting to the maximum.
The whole Party, the entire army and all the people are turning out in a forest restoration campaign to remove the aftermath of an Arduous March and hand down valuable wealth to all generations to come.

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