Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pongsan Masked Dance

Pongsan Masked Dance is a folk dance peculiar to Korea. It has a long history of development centering on Pongsan, North Hwanghae Province.
It was popular in different places of Hwanghae Province, Pongsan in particular.
Pongsan Masked Dance was well known for its scornful sneer at the depraved life of noblemen, rich men and monks in feudal society.
During the three Kingdoms masked dances were performed among the people and masked dances of Koguryo and Paekje were known to neighboring countries.
Based on such a tradition, Pongsan Masked Dance was supplemented to completion by the creative wisdom and efforts of the working people and welcome in the other areas of Korea for their popular contents and portrayal.
Pongsan Masked Dance is a comprehensive folk art of song, dance and dialogue, but dance is the main means of portrayal.
Mask is made from paper. Its method is to paste paper on an earth model fold and fold, dry and paint it and then give a shine to it. The painted rough mask gives a strong impression when dancer dances by campfire.
Costumes were white trousers and jacket, red, green and deep blue sleeveless jacket, other glittering dresses and military uniform.
Pongsan Masked Dance was performed once in spring every year and after performance dancers burnt their masks.
It is one of the national dance heritages for its progressive contents reflecting our people’s desire for happiness and their spirit of resistance against the feudal rulers and for popular dancing movements.
Today it is represented anew to suit the modern aesthetic sense and performed amid the people’s admiration.

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