Friday, 10 April 2015

Putting an end to national division

Korea’s reunification was the lifelong cause and earnest desire of President Kim Il Sung. 
Deeply grieving over the Korean nation’s suffering caused by national division, President Kim Il Sung worked heart and soul throughout his life to hand down a reunified country to his fellow countrymen.
With a grandiose plan to rouse the Korean nation to build a unified and independent state, he convened the historic Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in North and South Korea in Pyongyang in April, 1948.
In his report, the President laid bare the US plot to divide Korea. Saying it is a primary task of the Korean nation to frustrate “separate election” and set up a unified government on democratic principles, calling for the Korean nation, who are concerned about the destiny of the country, to turn out in a nationwide drive. 
After the joint conference, he went to Ssuk Islet with representatives of political parties and public organizations in south Korea to expound detailed ways for reunification policy for national salvation and realization of national united front agreed in the joint conference.
His historic report and instruction struck a responsive chord in the hearts of the participants and were enthusiastically welcomed and supported by them.
The representatives of political parties and public organizations of south Korea were fascinated by his idea of ardent love for his nation and noble personality. They hardened their resolution to prevent the tragedy of national division by thoroughly implementing his idea of great national unity and reunification policy. 
The historic April joint conference was a national event that brought about a radical change in shaping out the Korean nation’s destiny through a nationwide resistance against US imperialism for national salvation under the banner of the united front on the strength of patriotism. It was a clear manifestation of the great national idea and outstanding leadership of the President.
The Korean nation will remember for all ages the imperishable achievements made by the President who devoted his all to realize national reunification through independence and unity of the nation.

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