Thursday, 2 April 2015

DPRK Will Mercilessly Punish Those Joining in Evil Operations against It: CPRK Spokesman

Pyongyang, April 2 (KCNA) -- As reported, there took place recently a domestic and foreign press conference with spies of the puppet Intelligence Service of south Korea. Those spies were unmasked and arrested while perpetrating espionage against the DPRK in a bid to do harm to its supreme leadership and bring down its socialist system.
    However, the puppet group is urging the DPRK to "free and immediately repatriate" the thrice-cursed ones unmasked and arrested at the scene of crimes, not content with noisily talking about "groundless evidence and claim" and "detention of south Korean inhabitants."
    The puppet group also egged conservative religious bodies on to noisily claim that what the thrice-cursed criminals did was "only missionary work to help the poor in the north." Conservative media and experts and even human scum are getting zealous in inciting confrontation with fellow countrymen and pulling up the DPRK, letting loose such invectives that "the north lured and abducted south Koreans" in a bid to "use them as hostages for playing a strategic card, shift the blame for the 'Cheonan' warship sinking onto the south and foment discord among south Koreans."
    The puppet group's noisy trumpeting about "allurement and abduction" far from making a sincere apology for the thrice-cursed crime is, indeed, the height of shamelessness and another thrice-cursed provocation against the DPRK, says a spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) in a statement on Thursday.
    The statement goes on:
    The successive south Korean puppet regimes ceaselessly perpetrated espionage, subversive and conspiratorial acts against the DPRK and pretended ignorance and employed all sorts of sleight of hand whenever truth behind them was brought to light.
    The puppet group denied its thrice-cured crimes but resorted to red herring operations to deceive the public when their spies were unmasked and arrested in the DPRK, as evidenced by the case of those who were arrested while scheming to demolish monuments to the immortality of the leaders erected in praise of them in the DPRK that are symbolic of its supreme dignity and the case of Kim Jong Uk, a spy of the puppet Intelligence Service unmasked and arrested after infiltrating into the DPRK last year.
    As such puppet regime's stereo-typed method has already been fully exposed to the world, even the recently arrested IS spies vehemently denounced the regime at the press conference, saying the regime might deny again all the facts if the truth behind their crimes were brought to light there.
    If the puppet regime continues denying its fully exposed thrice-cursed crimes and resorting to confrontation racket, the DPRK will go on opening to public other evidence and information to shed light on terrorism plotted by the puppet regime and truth behind its conspiratorial moves.
    The DPRK will unmask and mercilessly punish to the last those who joined in espionage, subversion, terrorism and abduction operations against the DPRK to dare hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership and its socialist system, no matter who they are, what masks they are wearing and where they are in hiding. -0

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