Tuesday, 14 April 2015

National Reunification Institute Terms S. Korea Tundra of Human Rights

 Pyongyang, April 13 (KCNA) -- The National Reunification Institute released an indictment on Monday to disclose the truth behind the murders, human rights abuses and other inhuman crimes perpetrated by the south Korean puppet group one year since the ferry Sewol disaster.
    Terming the ferry disaster which occurred in south Korea on April 16, 2014 deliberate murder, the indictment said:
    It was that morning that the ferry Sewol with hundreds of passengers aboard suddenly tilted with a breaking sound and began to sink while sailing across the waters off Jin Islet of South Jolla Province toward Jeju Island after leaving Inchon.
    As far as the ferry was concerned, it had its structure remodeled to get more passengers on board. Problematic was its overweight cargo but more deplorable was that the disaster was caused by deliberate negligence in rescuing operation though there was time enough to rescue them till the complete sinking of the ferry. Consequently, 304 people including youngsters were all buried in the sea.
    Park Geun Hye has never convened a meeting for retrieving bodies stuck in the sunken ferry and salvaging it but has turned down the repeated demand of the bereaved families for retrieving the bodies and their call for a meeting with her.
    When U.S. Ambassador Lippert had his face cut a little due to the knife attack by a south Korean inhabitant, she made much fuss over it, visiting the hospital where he was under treatment. She, however, was utterly indifferent to the death of so many passengers.
    In May last year when there were still a lot of bodies left at the bottom of the sea, the puppet group was only busy dissolving the puppet maritime police agency which had been in charge of salvage after blaming it for the disaster. In November, the puppet group organized what it called the agency for people's security. But it was only a farce for misleading the public opinion.
    There are still nine bodies left at the bottom of the sea though nearly one year has passed since the disaster.
    The puppet group refused to salvage the ferry, insisting on such nonsensical assertion that the salvage might claim more casualties and it can be done only under an all-people agreement.
    The indictment exposed the crafty moves of the puppet forces to cover up the truth about the ferry Sewol disaster.
    The ad hoc committee for state investigation was formed at the puppet National Assembly for the form's sake in May last year to probe the truth about the disaster under the strong pressure of the bereaved families and other people and opposition parties.
    The coteries of Chongwadae and the "Saenuri Party" turned the committee into a theatre of scramble. Consequently, the committee was disbanded at the end of August last year with the expiry of its term without yielding any result for more than 90 days after its formation. The puppet group made desperate efforts to bar the special law on the ferry from being instituted.
    At the "state council meeting" the puppet chief executive undisguisedly opposed the probe, claiming that the issue of giving the right to investigation and prosecution to the investigation committee is the "one confusing the keynote of the separation of three powers and judicial system" and "it is the matter the president cannot settle".
    The coteries of the "Saenuri Party" pressurized the bereaved families and the opposition parties and adopted the toothless special law on the ferry having neither right to investigation nor right to prosecution in November last year.
    The ad hoc committee for investigation was formed according to it but the puppet forces worked hard to block it in every way.
    The puppet forces, not content with mocking, insulting and turning down the just demand of the bereaved families and other people for probing the truth, let the security authorities brutally suppress them.
    The unprecedented disaster and the developments in a year since it go to clearly prove that south Korea is the worst tundra of human rights and a veritable hell and the present regime of south Korea is the man-killing regime utterly indifferent to the people's life and human rights and the most brutal and cold-blooded regime and depraved regime without an iota of humanity and tears.

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