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"The people are my god " was the motto and credo of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG  and throughout his life he always put the people first ,striving to to continuously improve their standard of living. It was written into the rules of the Workers' Party of Korea and into the DPRK Socialist Constitution. During every stage of socialist construction in the DPRK.
                     President KIM IL SUNG took various measures to improve living standards right from the start. The working farmers benefited from the Agarian Reform in  1946 and workers benefited from the Labour law in 1946. In January 1953 President KIM IL SUNG decreed the introduction of universal free medical care even though the country was being consumed by the flames of war.
                 In the difficult years after the end of the Korean War when the DPRK faced the herculean tasks of reconstructions after the massive destruction caused by the US imperialists  President KIM IL SUNG say to it that the wages of  workers were increased  on 7 occasions and that on 15 occasions prices were reduced . In a capitalist society it would be a dream for both  wages to be increased and prices to be reduced but President KIM IL SUNG realised this dream.

Taxation something cursed and resented by working people but seen regarded as an essential source of state revenue by the ruling class in capitalist countries, was gradually abolished in People's Korea . Between 1964 and 1966 the agicultural tax in kind was phased out . Then in March 19974 taxation was abolished completely , a unique achievement  ! As if this was not enough President KIM IL SUNG even saw that prices were reduced some by 50 per cent.
                                                     People in the DPRK receive free education, free health care and virtually free housing . There are also other benefits such as old age pensions and sick pay. The worker of money a worker can receive in benefits from the state is double his monetary wage. This is the great gain of the people-centred advantageous socialist system established by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG.
In the last years of his life President KIM IL SUNG took epochal measures to improve living standards. In 1992 on the 13th of February President KIM IL SUNG published the decree "ON ENFORCING THE POLICY OF PAY RAISES FOR ALL WORKERS,TECHNICIANS AND OFFICE WORKERS AND OF INCREASING THE INCOME OF COOPERATIVE FARMERS. Effective from 1st of March 1992  the pay for workers, technicians and office workers was raised by an average of 43.4 per cent- British workers can only dream of pay rises like that . Social security payments for pensioners were increased by 50.7 per cent and student grants by 33 per cent ! . The state increased the money paid to co-operative farmers for their crops !
                   President KIM IL SUNG was a great people's leader like no other in the world who did everything he could to improve the lives of the popular masses !
Dermot Hudson.

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