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It is now a decade since The DPRK Supreme Leader KIM JONG IL spoke to the senior officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on the subject of Kimilsungia on April 6th, 2005. Firstly, some background information on the creation of Kimilsungia. This particular flower was presented by President Sukarano to the DPRK President KIM IL SUNG, while on a visit to Indonesia in April 1965. Kimilsungia is a species of the orchid family, which was newly bred in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, Jakarta. It is a most beautiful orchid with its straight stems, board leaves and rare deeply pinkish violet flowers, looking fresh and vibrant all the time. Kimilsungia keeps in blossom for over a hundred days and thrives in hot, humid surroundings. During the active growing period, it requires 25 - 30 c in the daytime, 22- 24 c at night and relative humidity of 70-80 per cent. Kimilsungia grows well in ventilated and some what shaded places. This flower is propagated by tissue culture, dividing the roots and cutting the stems and shoots.
KIM JONG IL recollects visiting Indonesia alongside KIM IL SUNG in April 1965, during his talk. The visit of President KIM IL SUNG to the Republic of Indonesia strengthened the cause of anti-imperialism and non-alignment. During his state visit, KIM IL SUNG delivered a lecture at the Ali Archam Academy of Social Sciences entitled " On Socialist Construction In The DPRK and The South Korean Revolution". KIM JONG IL emphasizes that KIM IL SUNG's lecture was permeated with the idea of establishing Juche and maintaining independence in the revolution and construction. KIM JONG IL regarded the lecture as being historic in the sense that it gave a most profound and penetrating analysis of the issue of opposing dogmatism and great power worship and upholding the Juche world outlook.
Indonesia after its independence perused a course of non-alignment. Sukarno, the first Indonesian President, put his nation, during the 1960s, on a path of anti-imperialism. Indonesia had the largest Communist Party in numerical terms, outside the Soviet Union and China. Sukarno was cementing ties of friendship with the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea from the early 60s, diplomatic relations between the DPRK and Indonesia were established on April 16th, 1964. To get a flavour to was happening in Indonesia at that time, I just recall the 1984 feature film "The Year of Living Dangerously" .
As KIM JONG IL points out in the talk, KIM IL SUNG was visiting the Republic of Indonesia on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Bandung conference. The Bandung conference was instrumental in the promotion of links between the nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Zhou Enlai, Tito and Nerhu were the driving personalities behind the Non-alignment Movement. Sukarno evolved the idea of the Newly Emerging Forces. President KIM IL SUNG and President Sukarno shared the same passionate belief in the independent development of their respective nations.
Sukarno accorded President KIM IL SUNG with warm and fraternal hospitality. KIM IL SUNG was award on his 53rd birthday, the title of Honorary Doctor at the insistence of Sukarno. The Indonesian President made a speech at National Peoples Consultative Assembly in the presence of President KIM IL SUNG, stating that Indonesia would follow the direction of self-reliance and self-supporting economy. Sukarno said during the parliamentary session, that it was his greatest honour to have present in Indonesia, the author of the famous doctrine of self-reliance, KIM IL SUNG.
When KIM IL SUNG, with Sukarno, visited the Bogar Botanical Gardens in Jakarta, both the Indonesian Head of State and the Botanical Gardens' Director, insisted that the most radiant orchid be named after KIM IL SUNG. At first, KIM IL SUNG politely declined the offer, but Sukrano was determined to name the flower in honour of the DPRK President, with the words "No, you have rendered enormous services to mankind, so you deserve a high honour".
KIM JONG IL noted in his 2005 work, that naming the flower Kimilsungia was an expression of the high regard in which the progressive people of the world saw President KIM IL SUNG, the founder of the Juche Idea. Kimilsungia symbolizes the greatness of KIM IL SUNG, who illuminated the age of independence. The colours of Kimilsungia demonstrate vividly the determination of the Korean People to build the thriving socialist nation under the red banner of Songun, envied by the rest of the world.
Kimilsungia was cultivated in every part of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, in Pyongyang, in the Mount Paektu area and on the Yonbaek Palin. Actually there are 300 greenhouses devoted to cultivation of Kimilsungias in the DPRK. Even during the hard times of the Arduous March and Forced March of the mid-late 1990s, KIM JONG IL made sure that Kimilsungia was safeguarded and cultivated forever. KIM JONG IL viewed education by means of Kimilsungia as being of deep significance, as this flower gives explanations of the pride and confidence of belonging to KIM IL SUNG's nation. The annual Kimilsungia Festival is not only a horticultural show, but a political event. At the April Kimilsungia Festival, the Korean People and the Revolutionary Peoples throughout the world honour and revere President KIM IL SUNG.
I had the privilege of touring the Kimilsungia Exhibition in April 2012. There were various sections of the local population who visited the exhibition, such as workers, peasants, intellectuals and Korean Peoples Army soldiers and officers. Many foreign guests were present at the Kimilsungia Festival, including World Juche Congress delegates, participants in the April Spring Art Festival and tourists. Infact, many flowers growers from around the globe had sent their own Kimilsungias to the Pyongyang exhibition. I was pleasantly surprised to see Kimilungunias from Britain aswell featured in the exhibition. What is truly unique about the Kimilsungia Exhibition, is that the displays of a highly ideological nature and are extremely elaborate in design. For instance, I saw in the exhibition, displays of Kimilsungias around a models and mock-ups of the Kwangmysong satellite, tanks and missiles, the West Sea Barrage, the Tower of The Juche Idea and of course, the old home at Mangyongdae (the birthplace of KIM IL SUNG).
On April 6th, a seminar was held at the Peoples Palace of Culture in central Pyongyang, to mark the 10th anniversary of the work in question. At this meeting, the participants called for adding eternal brilliance to the feats of KIM JONG IL performed by making Kimilsungia the flower of Juche Korea. Today the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has the intention to elevate the status of Kimilsungia as the symbol of hope for progressive humanity.
Kimilsungia will endure throughout the decades and centuries as the radiant expression of the Greatness of the Respected and Beloved President KIM IL SUNG, the author of the Juche Idea and the leader of the era of Chajusong!!!
A speech delivered by Shaun Pickford on the occasion of the10th anniversary of the publication of KIM JONG IL's work "Kimilsungia Is An Immortal Flower That Has Bloomed In The Hearts of Mankind In The Era Of Independence", at the Juche Idea Study Group Seminar on April 11th, 2015, London, UK.
Shaun Pickford is currently the Secretary General of JISGB and has been to the DPRK, five times in total.

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