Sunday, 19 April 2015

Juche Era and Day of the Sun

The DPRK uses the Juche era along with the international solar calendar.
The Juche era was instituted with 1912, the birth year of eternal President of the DPRK Kim Il Sung as the first year.
After President Kim Il Sung passed away, the Korean people missed him awake or asleep, saying he is always with them and firmly resolved to live and fight as he is instructed, taking ever with him with their hearts.
It was because the history of modern Korea was unthinkable apart from his career.
President Kim Il Sung founded the immortal Juche idea and applied the Juche idea to the revolution and construction, thereby liberating Korea from the Japanese imperialists’ colonial rule (August 15, 1945) and repulsing the US-led imperialist allied forces to lead the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953) to victory and thus defend the country and the nation.
After the war he converted the country on the ruins to a socialist industrial state only in 14 years and ensured that universal free medical care and universal compulsory education were enforced, thereby turning the DPRK into a people’s country.
He built the country the impregnable fortress no aggressors can attack and devoted his all for the people, regarding them as Heaven
Just that’s why the Korean party and government instituted the Juche era to mark the third anniversary of his demise on July 8, Juche 86(1997) in reflection of the ardent wish of the people to uphold him forever, longing for him so earnestly.
The institution of the Juche era ensured that the history of Korea could advance according to the revolutionary history of the President Kim Il Sung forever.
The Korean Party and government instituted the April 15th the birthday of the President Kim Il Sung as the Day of the Sun.
The Korean people always say the present day of modern Korea is inconceivable apart from the leadership of President Kim Il Sung as the revival of all things apart from the sun of nature.
They respected and followed President Kim Il Sung as the sun of Korea, the
sun of the nation.
The April 15th is regarded as the greatest national holiday of the Korean people and on the Day of the Sun, they conduct colorful events.
Though he passed away, the great leader will always be alive in the heart of Korean people.

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