Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hysterical War Provocation

The bellicose U.S. imperialist aggression troops and south Korean warmongers on March 24 kicked off large-scale joint naval maneuver in the West Sea of Korea, marking the fifth year of sinking of “Cheonan” warship.
The US and south Korean troops launched the large-scale joint naval drill in the East Sea of Korea from March 27. Involved in the drills were naval forces of the U.S. imperialist aggressor forces and the south Korean puppet army and marines, more than 7 600 in all, over 30 warships including landing craft, transport ships, Aegis destroyers and submarines, more than 80 aircraft and at least 40 amphibious armored vehicles.
What cannot be overlooked is that they staged the war games under the signboard of "improving the capabilities for joint landing operation" to realize the scenario for mounting a sudden landing operation for coastal areas of the DPRK.
They conducted landing rehearsal, the phase of "decisive action" in the area of Phohang of North Kyongsang Province simulated conditions of coastal area of Wonsan of north Korea on March 30.
Now the various circles of south Korea are waging actions against the US-south Korea war exercises against north Korea.
The Solidarity for Democracy, People's Life, Peaceful Reunification and Sovereignty of south Korea on March 27 issued an appeal calling for cancellation of US-south Korea joint military drills.
The appeal called for the people to turn out in the drive to stop world-scale war games escalating the tension in the Korean Peninsula, disrupting inter-Korean relations and fomenting public apprehension and secure peace.
Meanwhile, civic bodies of Busan and South Gyeongsang Province of south Korea held a press conference on March 31 to denounce the south Korean authorities’ treacherous plan to deploy THAAD in south Korea.
Now peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and world are under constant threat owing to the US and south Korea’s incessant war drills against north Korea.
The US and south Korean war maniacs, bearing war provocation against the DPRK is a suicidal action precipitating final ruin in their minds, should stop war drills against the DPRK demanded by the Korean and world people.

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