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During the 1960s the struggle between imperialism and anti-imperialism became very intense . The great leader President Kim Il Sung did all he could to promote the struggle of the newly independent countries against imperialism for independence.
In April 1965 the great leader President Kim Il Sung ,accompanied by comrade Kim Jong Il (who acted as his bodyguard) paid an official visit to Indonesia in April 1965 in order to set up a new milestone in strengthening friendship, unity and solidarity with the developing countries. The visit was part of the celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of the historic Bandung conference which established the Non Aligned Movement of third world countries.
It is important to give some historical and political background as many left wing audiences in the UK , Indonesia has negative connotations having been associated with the Suharto fascist regime for many years. Many will have forgotten that in fact not only did Indonesia have one of the biggest communist parties in the world but since its independence from the Netherlands in 1945 had been under the leadership of President Sukarno , a progressive and anti-imperialist figure. Sukarno is associated with Non Alignment and anti-imperialism. Sukarno whilst not a socialist or communist worked with the PKI and pursued a policy of NASAKOM, that is Nationalism and Communism. Sukarno believed that the Western parliamentary was inappropriate for the third world as it produced internal conflict and disharmony (something that has been proved correct as the imperialists forced a number of third world countries to introduce multi-party systems with disastrous results such as tribal conflicts). Sukarno even conceived an alternative to the imperialist dominated UN which would have been called something like the 'Confederation of the Newly Emerging Forces' . A Games of the Newly-Emerging Forces, an alternative to the Olympics was held several times with the DPRK coming second in medals. Sukarno admired the DPRK and the great leader President Kim Il Sung saying that President Kim Il Sung was 'an outstanding leader who had created a world model of self-reliance Not surprisingly Sukarno became the target of an imperialist vendetta. In 1962 US president Kennedy and British Tory premier McMillan ordered the removal of Sukarno and later an imperialist backed coup took place in October 1965.
During the visit President Kim Il Sung met many leaders who had come for the celebrations such as Zhou En Lai , premier of People's China, Pham Von Dong premier of the Democratic Republic of Viet-Nam, Samdech Norodom Sihanouk head of state of Cambodia ,Souphanouvong chairman of the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front , Ajahani premier of the North Kalimantan Revolutionary Government and many other leaders of Asian and African countries.
During his stay in Indonesia President Kim Il Sung gave a historic lecture at the Ali Archam Academy of Social Sciences making a profound analysis of the successes and experiences the WPK and the Korean people had achieved in their revolution and construction. He attended the tenth anniversary celebrations of the Bandung Conference, at which he met the heads of developing countries and encouraged them in their struggle for the building of a new society.
President Sukarno of Indonesia expressed his deep respect and reverence for Kim Il Sung. When he accompanied Kim Il Sung to the famous Bogor Botanical arden, Sukarno showed Kim Il Sung a flower on display. It was a new orchid variety bred by a leading Indonesian horticulturist after making great efforts. Kim Il Sung looked at the flower for a while before saying that it was beautiful indeed. Sukarno said to President Kim Il Sung “Respected Your Excellency Kim Il Sung, please allow me to name this newly-born flower of the orchid family Kimilsungia, after your august name. It is the unanimous desire of myself and Indonesian people.
Today the relations of friendship between the DPRK and the peoples of Indonesia are still strong .

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