Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pyongyang Maternity Hospital

The DPRK put universal free medical care into effect in January 1, Juche 42(1953). Now it has built lots of modern special and general hospitals for medical treatment health of working people.
The hospital opened in July 30, Juche 69(1980).
It is a general medical service base for women that fulfils in a unified manner nation-wide therapeutic and preservative work, technical and methodological guidance, scientific research, clinical education and reserve training in obstetrics and gynecology.
The building looks like a mother outstretching her arms to embrace callers. It gives the feeling of closeness and stability to everybody.
The building has over 2 000 rooms convenient for medical care and scientific research work. It is also fully provided with general monitoring devices, centralized oxygen supply system, temperature and humidity conditioning apparatuses.
It also has scores of ambulances and a service system has been established for the convenience of mothers and pregnant women. A modern medicine manufacturing base supplies more than 200 kinds of medicines by itself.
Under the special care of the Korean Party and government the Mammary Gland Tumor Institute was built at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital in October Juche 101(2012).
The institute is installed with multi-purpose X-ray, CT, wire camera and other latest diagnosis facilities. It specializes in prevention and treatment of mammary glands disease and scientific research on it.
The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital gives medical treatment to more than 400 women outpatients every day and assists in childbirth of over 15 000 women every year.
Since the hospital opened, the Korean Party and government have seen to it that wild honey, bear gall, Paektusan deer’s placenta paste, black chicken, pine-nuts and other tonics and nutritious foods were sent to women for their regular use.
Over the past 30-odd years hundreds of thousand babies including triplets have been born and millions of women have been receiving medical service by free at the hospital. Many foreign women staying in Pyongyang are receiving different medical care and assistance in childbirth. The 448th triplets were born at the hospital on January 16, Juche 104(2015). The medical staff of the hospital introduced over 250 new scientific and technical inventions including painless delivery into clinical practice and generalizes them across the country.

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