Friday, 17 April 2015

CPRK Secretariat Terms S. Korean Puppet Regime Chieftain of Scandals

   Pyongyang, April 17 (KCNA) -- Song Wan Jong, former president of Kyongnam Business Group of south Korea, committed a suicide, leaving a note on April 9. In the note he confessed to the fact that he offered hundreds of millions of won to the eight closest associates of Park Geun Hye including Ho Thae Ryol and Kim Ki Chun, former presidential chiefs of staff of Chongwadae, Ri Pyong Gi, incumbent presidential chief of staff, and Ri Wan Gu, puppet prime minister, each as political funds on a number of occasions such as the "presidential" election in 2012.
    This case plunged south Korea into great mayhem. The Democratic Alliance for New Politics and other opposition parties and different circles brand it as a "big scandal involving all closest associates of Park Geun Hye", "the worst power-backed scandal gate in the history of the constitution" and "the worst scandal." They are demanding introduction of special investigation and impeachment of the present chief executive, while calling for probing the truth about it.
    The Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) released information bulletin No. 1090 on Friday in this regard:
    The Park Geun Hye group has cried out for "building a clean public society" but it is the kingpin of irregularities and corruption and a group of wicked criminals.
    All the preceding puppet conservative regimes of south Korea have earned an ill-fame through scandals but it is the first time in history that such hideous scandal was committed by the ruling quarters.
    The kingpins of such scandal have talked volumes about "morality" and "integrity" and "war against scandal." This is the height of impudence and insult and mockery of the south Korean people.
    The chief executive of south Korea is the main culprit and mastermind of the case and Park Geun Hye can never evade the responsibility for it.
    The south Korean people can never get rid of the miserable fate of being victims of the present corrupt regime as long as it is allowed to stay in office.
    The people from all walks of life in south Korea should come out to probe the truth behind the Song Wan Jong case without fail and sternly punish the present conservative group. -0

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