Friday, 24 April 2015

KFA Official Delegate Addresses Southampton Meeting

A meeting of the Southampton Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group was held on the 9th of April. It was chaired by the secretary of the Southampton and Hampshire branch of the Communist Party of Britain(CPB), The chair they support  DPRK they support the DPRK against US imperialism.
                            Addressing the meeting Dermot Hudson UK KFA and JISGE chair said that  the US imperialists are carrying out military exercises in south Korea against the DPRK and Ashton Cater US defence boss is visiting south Korea at present.
                       The US imperialists have kicked up the "human rights  " racket against the DPRK with the aim of stifling the DPRK. The UN human rights report cooked by the US imperialists was based entirely on false testimony of human scum defectors.
                       Dermot Hudson said that the real human rights abusers are the US imperialists who discriminate against black people in the US. Moreover the US committed horrendous crimes in the Korean War including germ warfare and also in recent years the US CIA has carried out torture.
                The CPB secretary and chair of the Southampton Morning Star readers and supporters group said the US imperialists were hypocrites as they support the feudal regime is Saudi Arabia.

Questions and discussions followed.

A resolution denouncing the US anti-DPRK human rights campaign was adopted.

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