Sunday, 19 April 2015

Korean Folk Song “Arirang”

Arirang”, a favorite folk song of the Korean people was registered as a world nonmaterial cultural legacy in Paris, France in late November Juche 103(2014).
Arirang”, a folk song was popular in the western area of the Korean peninsula in the late 14th century and has been handed down till now.
A simple and ordinary song of love, the song reflects the people’s grudge against the exploiter society and their aspiration for happy life.
As soon as it came out, the song spread all over the country with different titles according to areas, numbering over scores of songs.
It alone shows how ardently the Korean nation loved music.
The song describes the national feelings and emotion of the Korean people well with beautiful and tender melody.
Its tone alone reminds one of the history of ordeals of the nation and makes one feel an ardent love for one’s home country.
Just that’s why the old folk song could become a favorite song of all Koreans and a symbol of the Korean nation.
Today it was created and sung anew to suit the aesthetic sense of the era while preserving its unique feature.
New Arirangs of the Songun era such as “Prosperity Arirang”, “Chol Pass Arirang” and “Army-People Arirang” reflect the aspiration of the Korean people, adding rich emotion and optimism to the whole society.
Under the wise guidance of leader Kim Jong Il the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance “Arirang”, a Kim Il Sung Prize winner, was created on the basis of the folk song as a grand epical picture of the history of the Korean nation.
The register of the Korean folk song “Arirang” as a world nonmaterial cultural legacy is a proof of the validity and vitality of the Workers’ Party of Korea’s policy on protection of national legacies and a powerful demonstration of the resourcefulness and ability of Koreans and the superiority of the time-honored history and resplendent culture of Korea.

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