Friday, 1 October 2021

'The value of the Juche Philosophy in social life' ( A lecture presented on 'Seminar Day' 26th of September 2021, by Alan Bolon, Organization Secretary of the KFA UK and Chairman of the West of England Branch KFA UK )



    Hello to  everyone at today's seminar. The topic of my lecture will be how the Juche Philosophy manifests itself and functions in the social life of  man. What can we discover and  learn from the philosophy of Juche to become an active participant in social life, as the citizens of the People's Korea do in daily life.? 

In order to see the values ​​of Juche in social life, one must first understand what social life is.


Social life is, next to biological life, the basic domain of every human being. We come into the world among other people and we have interactions with others all the time in life. 


Social life is the domain of the human being. Animals live in a certain community, although there is a certain hierarchy in it, there is no real relationship between group members. On the other hand, human social life presupposes the formation of a so-called social bond, with certain permanent relationships. For the social life has an impact on a few conditions: biological, geographical, economical and cultural. On the basis of social life an important role is played by the  environment as well as economic foundations with the various forms of organizations that unite people to the social activities.


Now when we define social life generally, we look into Juche Philosophy in order to see and understand the implications, interactions and connections between Juche Idea and man, in terms of social life.


The level of social life could be very high in a country like DPRK as we see why later on, or could be a minimal volume or not exist in society whatsoever. There is no contradiction to the man's features who is a social being from the time he is born .  It is this dependence of this level of social life of an individual, each person, depends on other factors. But, the man is the main factor. These factors are just not only as described generally conditions: geographical, cultural and economical. These factors are also as specified conditions are to be included in the characteristics of a human being as a social being, which just the Juche philosophy stressed out and guided us.


Three basic principles of Juche Idea, are the main values of this phenomenal pro - human philosophy and are features of the life of a social being . These are: independence, consciousness and creativity. 


So, the essential features of man are independence, consciousness and creativity. These features qualify man as a social being not just a material being .


The social life and its level and intensity is expressed in the exposition of the philosophical principles of Juche in individual and collective life. It aspect this requires every member of society to be aware of its creative power and independence as follows to Leader Kim Jong Il said:


'Proceeding from the philosophical principle that man occupies the position of master in the world and plays the decisive role in advancing the world and in shaping his own destiny, the Juche idea demands that man should always be regarded as the central factor, that everything should be approached from an independent point of view and that all activities should be creative so as to contribute to enhancing the position and role of man'


DPRK society maintains a high level of social life at the level of smaller communities, local smaller communities and also in social life throughout the country. This is because Juche sets the basic directions for social life in order to guide the people's activities. The basic directions are basic values, fundamental principles as explained before.


How the Peoples Korea society is implementing in the practical way to the daily life Juche values?


 Peoples Korea  in applying the Juche in practice  to society , sees the social lives of the popular masses as important 

Leader Kim Jong Il said:


'The activities of the popular masses for independent life assume a creative character. Man fills his vital needs through creative activity'


So, people in DPRK are aware of their historical mission to their country and play a decisive role in creating a man - centred outlook,  to their life collectively and individually. They fill vital needs by being creatively active in social and economic country life. Popular masses are united by all individual needs and aspirations play a decisive role in their social life, realizing values of the  Juche Philosophy every day.


Juche Philosophy, a philosophy that puts man in the centre of attention and its timeless values shaping their destiny and guides them on the road to achieve happiness and national prosperity for the  DPRK .


Conclusion for us? 


So, in conclusion, we can say, if a man is more independent and liberated, aware of himself and aware of the world in which he lives and if he is aware of his central and master position to transform his world to his needs -  that more he is a social being, and more Juche's values ​​can shape the character and personality of man in the pursuit of transforming the world and himself for the better life in every aspects, material, spiritual and other. 


Also we can say, the application of the values of Juche  ​​in personal life in correlation with others brings benefits not only to the individual, it also benefits society as a whole. It has an impact to better and more efficiently change the world that serves man better to his needs and benefits. It is for the good development of society - popular masses consist of individual members who are fully conscious, independent and creative, as they live with compliance with the Juche Idea and is also a massive benefit for the collective development society as a whole.


Thank you for your attention.



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