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Speech Made by Dr Dermot Hudson to the Meeting of KFA UK and British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea to mark the 76th anniversary of the foundation of the Workers Party of Korea

Tomorrow it will be the 76th anniversary of the foundation of the Workers’ Party of Korea  . I think it is impossible to exaggerate or over-stress the role of the Workers’ Party of Korea , it is the organiser and guide of the victories of the Korean people and the general staff of the Korean revolution .This is why we have called this meeting.

   This year’s anniversary of the foundation of the Workers Party of Korea is being held at a time when the Korean people under the leadership of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN are working hard to implement the decisions of the 8th Congress of the Workers Party of Korea which was held in January of this year .

  The Workers Party of Korea or WPK , founded by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG on the 10th of October 1945 , is a true mass party in every sense of the word . It has millions of members . When you visit the DPRK , as I have done 18 times , you will encounter members of the WPK in all walks of life from drivers , cleaners and waitresses to professors and lecturers and government officials . The WPK is simply not a party with a lot of members but a party with a solid mass foundation . As Marshal KIM JONG UN said :

"A party without mass foundation is no better than a candle before the wind.

The WPK is very different to both so-called mass parties in capitalist countries and the former socialist countries . In countries like the USSR and GDR , parties such as the CPSU and SED which had apparently been mass parties with millions collapsed and vanished from the scene almost overnight . This was because they did not have real mass foundations . Similarly some left wing parties in the capitalist world remain detached from the masses without a genuine mass foundation .

What is the secret of the success of the WPK ? Firstly , it is a party of a Juche type , it is guided by the Juche idea . As President KIM IL SUNG said ‘ our country is steadily following the socialist road, instead of falling down, this is because our Party has carried out the Juche orientated line and policy. It sets forth all our lines and policies to suit our people's demand for independence, and the specific reality of our country and implements them thoroughly. This is immediately Juche and our style. Our Party has not approached Marxism-Leninism mechanically, but developed and carried out the revolution and construction in our own way based upon the Juche Idea. Nowadays, some people say that Korea will fall down because the Soviet Union and the East European Socialist countries all collapsed, but our country is unshakable. Our Party is the party of a new type, the revolutionary party of Juche, unprecedented in the world and socialism of our country is a socialism of Juche.’

Guided by Juche , the WPK has maintained strict independence in its activities . It worked out original lines and policies which conformed both to the realities of Korea and to the fundamental interests . By establishing Juche and maintaining  independence the WPK was able to avoid both Right and Left deviations that occurred in other countries .

The Workers' Party of Korea has staunchly fought against modern revisionism , opportunism , flunkeyism ,dogmatism and factionalism . It has upheld the red flag of socialism opposing the attempts of the modern revisionists, renegades and imperialists to stifle socialis

  Secondly  , it can be found in the  history  of the WPK..

 The WPK was not formed as a result of a sudden decision but its formation was a process that actually spanned several decades starting with the formation of the Down With Imperialism Union on October 17th 1926 by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG.Indeed the process did not come to an on October 10th 1945 but a further merger of parties took place in 1946 between the Communist Party of North Korea and the New Democratic Party to form the Workers Party of North Korea.This prevented the forces of the working masses being split .In 1949 the Workers Party of North Korea merged with the Workers Party of South Korea to form a unified party for the whole of Korea the Workers Party of Korea.Indeed the road travelled by the Workers Party of Korea since October 10th 1945 has been one of continuous struggle,

development and consolidation .

The WPK roots are in the Anti Japanese armed struggle which was waged for 20 years under the command of the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG.

He formed the Down With Imperialism Union as the starting point of the anti Japanese armed struggle .The DIU is the historical root of the WPK.It was the first communist revolutionary organisation which organically combined the struggle for national liberation and independence with the struggle for class emancipation.Thus the two were fused together.

Comrade KIM IL SUNG strove to build a revolutionary movement with a new generation of young revolutionary fighters untainted with factionalism.Both the Korean nationalist movement and communist movement had suffered badly from as well as flunkeyism (that is the tendency to be submissive towards great powers).The Korean Communist Party had been dissolved in 1928 only 3 years after it was formed owing to the incessant factionalism.Even after this tragic event the factionalist persisted in forming their own “Party Reconstruction bureaus”

The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG instead of relying on existing factions which were largely drawn from people of petty bourgeois,middle class and ruined gentry origin who indulged in empty talk divorced from the masses ,formed a communist nucleus from revolutionary anti imperialist youth and went deep down amongst the popular masses.

In Korea revolutionary armed forces were formed before the party was formed.This was a unique line quite unprecedented. as other countries formed the party first and then the armed forces or guerilla forces. Party organisations were formed in the Korean People's Revolutionary Army .The Homeland Party Working Committee was established inside Korea and later party organisations were established in the Association for Restoration of the Fatherland and the Korean National Liberation Union.

The process that started with the formation of the Down With Imperialism Union culminated in the formation of the WPK as the CPNK on October 10th 1945.The WPK was founded around a nucleus of communist revolutionaries tempered in the fiery furnace of the anti Japanese armed struggle.

The second reason for the success of the WPK , is that under the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG and Chairman KIM JONG IL and later Marshal KIM JONG UN , correct theories on developing the mass foundation of the Party were created . President KIM IL SUNG strongly opposed bureaucracy and put forward the Chongsan Ri method and Chongsan Ri spirit which means leader and cadres go deep amongst the masses uniting them.The higher leadership helps lower level units and priority is given to political work..Also cadres must perform one

day of manual work per week.

 In 1969 comrade KIM JONG IL  in a work titled  ‘ On Firmly Consolidating the Party ‘s Organisational and Ideological Foundations ‘  drew attention to the issue of the organisational and ideological foundations citing some examples from the recent history of the international communist movement . He pointed out that ‘ Cementing the foundations of our Party ,is a matter of particular importance today when we are making the revolution in difficult circumstances ‘ .

It was comrade KIM JONG IL who put forward the concept  of the WPK as a mother party .The WPK not only leads and guides the people but it takes care of the lives of the people just like a mother would .

Free education and free health care were introduced long ago, indeed the free health system was introduced in the flames of war in 1953. Korean people receive great social benefits such as free housing, low cost food , low cost transport  and taxation was abolished in 1974.

Last year when severe floods and typhoons hit the DPRK and destroyed many homes in some rural areas  , Marshal KIM JONG UN instructed that no one should be left homeless before the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the DPRK  and dispatched officials of the WPK as well as the army to the affected areas to build new homes as quickly as possible  

This year it was announced that 10 ,000 new homes would be built in Pyongyang as well as new housing outside Pyongyang .

Despite the sanctions of the hostile forces and the global health crisis , the Korean people led by the Workers Party of Korea guided by Marshal KIM JONG UN are rushing ahead holding high the red flag of socialism and self-reliance. 

Glory to the 76th anniversary of the foundation of the Workers Party of Korea !

Long live the Workers Party of Korea !

Long live Juche !
Long live self-reliance !

Long live respected Marshal KIM JONG UN !

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