Sunday, 3 October 2021

KFA Turkey statement on fascist smear campaign in Turkey against socialist Korea


(Recently a case in Turkey about '78 million north Korean won ' has been cooked up- we reproduce the statement of KFA Turkey on this matter)

The “North Korean Won” is a “nonconvertible” domestic currency that can only be used within the borders of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea; this means money that cannot be freely converted to any other currency in any country of the world at current exchange rates and that has no exchange value for currencies in the world market. That being the case, the North Korean Won, DPRK It is just a piece of paper with no monetary value outside its borders, it cannot be used in the purchase and sale of goods and services in any national market. Because of the facts we have explained;

1.) With the Korean Won allegedly seized by Turkish law enforcement agencies in the vehicle used by the “couriers” of the TKP/ML&TIKKO organization, it can only be used as a means of payment on the market of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Instead of giving 78 million Won to TKP/ML & TİKKO from their country, Koreans can supply 78 million Won worth of goods and services to TKP/ML & TİKKO. In short, let's say that if the Democratic People's Republic of Korea were to supply weapons to the TKP/ML&TİKKO organization, the cost of these goods would be supplied directly to the TKP/ML&TİKKO organization instead of supplying the money for the TKP/ML&TİKKO organization... In this regard, the claims are far from rational in terms of reasonableness.

2.) The allegation stated in the police's statement and shared in the press that 78 million Korean Won corresponds to 500 thousand Turkish Liras (or x thousand Euros or y thousand American Dollars, etc.) does not reflect the truth; Only if it corresponds to the value of the paper material (scrap) to be used for recycling in Turkish Lira.

3.) Since there is no convertibility, Korean Won is not traded in the international banking system, that is, transfers of Korean Won through the banking system are by no means possible. This shows that the outflow of money from Korea cannot be otherwise for today: Because the borders of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are closed until 2022 for security reasons due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And while that's the case, KDHC  Due to the customs procedure currently implemented by the government, it is also impossible to dispose of money out of Korea and take it to another country by courier.

Another and important issue is whether the coins seized and displayed by the Police are real K. Korean Won: it is rightly doubtful that the banknotes in the pile of large amounts of money amounting to 78 million Won-odd are all uniform and identical;  The logic that there is only 5000 Won banknotes (15 thousand 71 units) in 78,505,000 Won is not very consistent. This questionable situation prompted us all to investigate: Seized banknotes; It is an outdated edition of the DPRK Central Bank, its editions have been withdrawn from the national market of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and are therefore currently a piece of paper with no circulation value even in DPRK. However, it makes more sense that the money in question consist of banknotes that are not currently in use and are somehow reproduced by counterfeiting at the printing house. Today, these 78 million 150 thousand North Korean Won, which we sincerely hope to be investigated by the Turkish judicial authorities as soon as possible, in no way reflect the facts about the DPRK. This is nothing more than bourgeois black propaganda, primarily to portray the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and other proletarian dictatorships as “active supporters of terrorist organizations abroad” and “left-financing of terrorism”. By portraying all socialist countries as "terror centers" and communists as "terrorists", trying to manipulate the perception of the working masses who are sympathetic to or interested in socialism with false evidence does not serve concrete facts, but only the interests of anti-communists. The only organization in the Republic of Turkey that can be said to "receive official information and support from Pyongyang and is in contact with all officials of DPRK and Korean Workers' Party" is the authorized branch of the Korean Friendship Association in Turkey, and no other organization including TKP/ML/TİKKO It has no official relations with the socialist Korean government;  Of course, terrorism, vandalism, etc. Unofficial contacts with all revolutionary and democratic organizations that will not harm the internationalism of the proletariat due to their subversive activities may well be possible, but the information we have obtained is that there is no contact with TKP/ML-TİKKO, which is considered a terrorist organization. We condemn the fascist malevolence that wants to bring Korea, where workers and farmers are masters, not wage slaves, side by side with terrorist organizations. Respectfully announced to the public...

Korean Friendship Association Turkey

Official Delegate Can U. İnanç

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