Monday, 11 October 2021

Report of Meeting to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the foundation of the Workers Party of Korea held 9.10,2021


A meeting called by the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea  , the Korean Friendship Association of the UK and Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK to celebrate the 76th anniversary of the foundation of the Workers Party of Korea and 95th anniversary of the foundation of the Down With Imperialism Union . It was held at the Chadswell Centre , Central London at 1400 hours on 09.10.2021 . In attendance were members of the British Group for the Study of the Juche Idea  , KFA UK , New Communist Party, including a Politburo member of the NCP , Theo Russell ,the Labour Party ,the British Posasists  and members of the public .

  A message of greetings was sent to the meeting by the Brazilian Centre for Study of Songun Politics which read in part :’The Foundation Day of the Workers’ Party of Korea is an important date for all Korean people and also for all people in the world. Here in Brazil, we are very interested in the history of the WPK for several reasons, mainly the fact that this party did not disintegrate during the turbulent years 1980-1990. Brazil is undergoing a very difficult crisis in communist and socialist parties, which have capitulated, almost entirely, to revisionism, the electoral game and the limitations of a reformed capitalist system.’

Dr Dermot Hudson in introducing the meeting said that the achievements of People’s Korea guided by the Workers Party of Korea are great for example there is no single case of Covid 19 in the country .

The DPRK embassy in London sent its best wishes to the meeting and paper titled ‘ Kim Jong Un’s Idea of Party Building’ . The paper pointed that ‘ Now in various places of the DPRK large-scale construction is under way to build 50 000 flats in the capital city and 25 000 houses in a leading nonferrous metals mining area in five years from this year.

Worthy of note is that these projects are being conducted under unfavourable conditions–the continuing global health crisis and the persistent sanctions by the hostile forces. However, the will of the WPK to implement these projects without fail for the people is invariable. 

It is quite natural that the WPK is advancing victoriously, enjoying absolute support of the people whatever the adversity.

Dr Dermot Hudson made the keynote address  saying in part that “

The Workers Party of Korea or WPK , founded by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG on the 10th of October 1945 , is a true mass party in every sense of the word . It has millions of members . When you visit the DPRK , as I have done 18 times , you will encounter members of the WPK in all walks of life from drivers , cleaners and waitresses to professors and lecturers and government officials . The WPK is simply not a party with a lot of members but a party with a solid mass foundation . As Marshal KIM JONG UN said :

"A party without mass foundation is no better than a candle before the wind.”

The WPK is very different to both so-called mass parties in capitalist countries and the former socialist countries . In countries like the USSR and GDR , parties such as the CPSU and SED which had apparently been mass parties with millions collapsed and vanished from the scene almost overnight . This was because they did not have real mass foundations . Similarly some left wing parties in the capitalist world remain detached from the masses without a genuine mass foundation .

What is the secret of the success of the WPK ? Firstly , it is a part of a Juche type , it is guided by the Juche idea”

Theo Russell , Politburo Member and CC member of the New Communist Party , addressed the meeting bringing the greetings of the party to the meeting .He spoke about the history of the Workers Party of Korea pointing out that  the  roots of the WPK  are in the Down With Imperialism Union founded in 1926  . Comrade Russell recalled his visit to Pyongyang in 2012 and the events that were held . He also said that the WPK took the initiative in the struggle to defend socialism in the 1990s by publishing the Pyongyang Declaration .He concluded by saying the WPK is playing a great role in the international communist movement .

Dr Dermot Hudson spoke about the 95th anniversary of the foundation of the Down With Imperialism Union saying how it had been founded in 1926 , which was the same year as the General Strike in Britain , by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG . Dr Hudson said that today the spirit of the DIU is alive in the Workers Party of Korea and is carried forward .

Dr Dermot Hudson praised the historic policy speech of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN titled On Socialist Construction and the Internal and External Policies of the Government of the Republic at the Present Stage" saying that it was a blueprint for socialist construction , that is embodied the correct stance towards the US and clarified the stand of the DPRK on Korean reunification and inter-Korean relations.

Lively discussions took place on subjects such as sanctions , Korean reunification , the internationalist role of the DPRK and WPK and the relationship of Che Guevara with the DPRK .


A letter to respected Marshal KIM JONG UN was adopted .

Refreshments were served .

Meeting concluded at 16,40 hours .

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