Saturday, 2 October 2021

Lives Trampled Under “Beacon of Human Rights”

Policymakers of the West tend to often describe their countries as “beacon of human rights”. The general public across the world, however, are not withstanding their extreme abhorrence at the miserable plights of the peoples in the Western countries whose dignity and rights as human beings are brutally trampled under that beacon.

Referring to the bloody shooting incident that recently occurred in a city of Britain, causing several casualties, the Secretary of State for the Home Department of UK lamented that the public has been tremendously shocked by this incident.

It is nowhere but in the Western countries where people’s lives are seriously threatened by all kinds of guns and deadly weapons. Much to the consternation of the world, it is also in the Western countries where super-class criminal cases of violation of women’s rights and child abuse are occurring – the cases which the politicians of the Western countries habitually “condemn” in the international arena, pointing their fingers to other countries.

Recently, an appalling criminal incident happened in a city of Britain, triggering public anger; Some unidentified criminals gang-raped a 12-year-old girl and continued violence and menace until she committed suicide, and not content with this, they defiled even the girl’s grave.

In a survey of over 3,000 women conducted in big cities of Belgium including Brussels and Antwerp, nine women out of ten replied that they were sexually harassed in the public places, and the sexual offences and humiliation are everyday phenomena in those cities.

In other Western country, 174 persons were confirmed last year as victims of human trafficking, and it is disclosed that 86 percent of them are women and two third of these women were subjected to sexual exploitation.

In Britain, a criminal behavior – where a 53-year-old criminal committed sexual assault on children for nearly 20 years – shocked everyone. In the context of this shocking behavior, a data was made public, revealing that 36% of the 536 serious child abuse cases registered since last year were committed against children aged under 1. This laid bare yet again before the international society that the Western countries are barren land of human rights where human ethics and morals have become completely extinct.

Then, where is the underlying cause of human rights crimes against humanity so much rampant in the Western countries?

It is rooted in the anti-popular political system itself of the West that defends not the rights and interests of the working people but only the privileges and benefits of a handful of monopolies and rich class.

The privileged circles of the West keep the notion deep in their hearts that in order to maintain their privileged position and vast wealth, they should paralyze the working people’s organizing capability, power of unity and class consciousness against exploitive system. So, they have long been spreading widely among the ordinary people the reactionary and decadent ideologies, culture and life styles, such as the law of the jungle and money-is-everything doctrine.

Today, numerous people are under increasing risk of unemployment and poverty, and suffering from despair and pessimism. These drive them into committing crimes in the end, which would make even beasts blush with shame. This is an inevitable product of the insidious and sly trick of the privileged class of the West aimed at turning the ordinary people into slaves of money and power by corrupting and debasing them, and at maintaining its privileged position.

After all, the “beacon of human rights” so much bragged about by the West served as a cover to embellish and camouflage its dire human rights situation, and as a crater that has gushed immorality, depravity and human rights crimes.

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