Sunday, 4 June 2017

Torchlight of Pochonbo

Torchlight of Pochonbo
80 years ago, on June 4, 1937, President Kim Il Sung led the Pochonbo battle to victory. The victorious battle was the historic torchlight that casted the beam of the liberation of the homeland.
At that time, under the cruel Japanese colonial rule, the Korean nation had suffered misfortunes shedding bitter tears and looked forward to the beams of hope to save the nation from the bottomless pit of darkness.
The victorious Pochonbo battle by the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army led by the President was a declaration to the nation and world that Korea was alive and the national liberation was not far off.
The battle gave the nation a great shock.
All the Korean people became optimistic about the bright future of the country. Regardless of their ideals and principles, they had a deep reverence for the President, the prominent leader of nation. And with a firm confidence in victory that the national liberation would surely come true under his leadership, they waged all-people resistance.
The Pochonbo battle was materialization of his outstanding idea of military strategy to expand the anti-Japanese armed struggle to homeland and arouse the entire Korean people to the anti-Japanese resistance. And the battle ushered in a heyday of anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.
Many years have passed since then.
However, the torchlight of victorious battle is aflame in the hearts of the Korean nation. Now, the south Korean people have a deep yearning and appreciation for the President who aroused the nation to the struggle for national liberation and liberated the country.
80 years ago, the unanimous desire of the nation was national liberation and now it is national reunification.
The Korean nation rallied around the President and achieved the historic cause of national liberation with the nation’s concerted efforts. Now, the nation should uphold supreme leader Kim Jong Un in high esteem to achieve national reunification under the banner of the great national unity.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un embraces and leads all the Korean people who ardently love the country and nation to turn out in the movement for national reunification. Thanks to his wise leadership, the day of reunification in which all the Korean people enjoy happy life will come true and a reunified Korea will be the beacon lighting the world.

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