Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Additional statement by UK KFA on the Warmbier case

Concerning the death of US citizen Otto Frederick Warmbier . A mainstream media firestorm has been created around this incident which is obviously a tragedy for the family concerned. However the fact is that Warmbier has died on American soil not in the DPRK . The DPRK could have chosen not to release him because after all he was a citizen of a statement of state that is technically at war with the DPRK , a state which is threatening the DPRK with nuclear annihilation and is imposing sanctions on the DPRK. Instead the DPRK acted in a compassionate and humane way by allowing him to return to his family and die with them .
The DPRK has been blamed for Warmbier's death but no clear evidence has been brought forward to prove this assertion . We note that Warmbier had stayed alive in the DPRK for a year but died within less than a week of being in a US hospital . It is is quite possible that Warmbier became ill because of pre-existing medical problems and this had nothing to do with the DPRK.
The US and UK media are making a lot of the death of Warmbier but are silent about the millions of Koreans massacred by the US forces during the Korean War including the 35,383 killed at Sinchon Ri . The media were silent about the 15th anniversary of the killing of the two south Korean schoolgirls by the US army . These girls did not make it to the age of 22.
It is a fact that Warmbier had confessed in the DPRK to have been working with an organisation linked to the US CIA and with anti-DPRK organisations . The wikipedia entry for Warmbier also shows him to be a member of Masonic organisation .
UK KFA also rejects attempts by certain elements in the media to smear it by quoting remarks made on the Warmbier case some 4 months ago

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