Monday, 26 June 2017

KCNA Commentary Decries S. Korean Kukmin Party for Lurching to Conservatism

Pyongyang, June 26 (KCNA) -- The Kukmin Party has drawn aversion of the public for its disgusting demeanor after the replacement of regime in south Korea.

The political party trumpeted about "inheritance" of the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration, once advocating democratic reform.

But embarrassed by the bitter defeat of its candidate at the "presidential election" and by the approval rate for it going into the tailspin, the party made a U-turn to currying favor of the conservative forces.

It is now chiming in the U.S. and the conservative forces' moves for escalating stand-off with the DPRK. Touting that "the north is persisting in reckless nuclear development and missile launch" and "now is the time to talk about sanctions on the north" and "wrong signal to the north may spark off division of public opinion, the party is calling for "cooperation for sanctions" and "strong will for security" while supporting the U.S. forced "THAAD" deployment.

It also joins the conservative opposition parties in challenging the democratic and pro-reform forces, faulting every appointment of personnel and reform policy of the present authorities.

As a result, the public in Jolla Province, known for the supporting base of the Kukmin Party, has turned back on it, deriding it as "anti-Kukmin Party" and "party of treachery".

The demeanor of the Kukmin Party is a challenge to the righteous candlelight actions of the south Korean people desirous of new politics and a new life.

The candlelight actions of south Koreans have not ended, and they strongly demand the complete abolition of the conservative regime's pro-American and confrontation wrong practices including anti-social and traitorous policies to be thrown into the dumping ground of history.

It is little short of declaring self-destruction to try to join the conservatives which have already been branded as the hotbed of evils of all descriptions by the candlelight demonstrators.

With the recent "presidential" election as an occasion, the conservative forces have faced the fate of division, breakdown and complete collapse.

Can anyone hold any lingering attachment to the conservatives and visit the house of grief from which only wailing cry of defeat and self-destruction are heard.

The Kukmin Party will be forsaken by the public just what was the case with worst traitor Park Geun Hye if it gets itself aligned with the U.S. and the conservative forces for its party interests and strategy and existence.

It has to make a proper option at the crossroads of democratic reform or conservatism. -0-

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