Friday, 16 June 2017

Another letter that the revisionist Morning Star did not print -cannot actually see why they suppressed this

Dear comrades
It was a refreshing change to see the letter from Duncan McGregor on Korea's division ("Morning Star " 30th of May 2017) . This was a contrast to the anti-DPRK bile that is often served up in the "Star" . The Star should be duly commended on publishing the letter.
 Korea was divided in 1945 by a US army colonel drawing a line with a ruler on a map of Korea. Korea was liberated from Japanese imperialist rule on the 15th of August by the Korean People's Revolutionary Army led by comrade Kim Il Sung. Three weeks on the 8th of September  1945 US troops landed in Inchon, south Korea. Almost immediately they committed atrocities even shooting Koreans who had come out to welcome them ! The US imperialists once they had occupied south Korea  dissolved the People's Committees which had been set up in both the north and south of Korea as instruments of popular rule. They also banned the Communist Party . Later they set up the corrupt , fascist , puppet regime of Syngham Rhee  which provoked the Korean War on the 25th of June 1950. A resolution that had actually been prepared in advance  was railroaded through the UN Security Council (taking advantage of the USSR's boycott of  UNSC meetings due to the exclusion People's China from te UN) which gave the US and their satellite states in Korea the fig leaf or camouflage of the UN. However McArthur the commander of US forces during the Korean War admitted that at no time they he recieve orders or instructions from the UN.
  Duncan McGregor rightfully highlights some of the atrocities committed by the US imperialists during the war but there were others that were even worse . That US imperialism's dirty secret in the Korean War was the use of biological weapons which was admitted to by captured US pilots and confirmed by an International Scienfitic Delegation which included Professor Joseph Needham from the UK. The US imperialists murdered 35,383 people in the county of Sinchon between October and December . I myself have visited the Sinchon Museum that has been built to remember those who died and educate Korean people about the danger of US imperialism.
  There were efforts made to expose the truth about US imperialism's atrocties in the Korean War at the time. Monica Felton , a Labour party member and chief executive of Stevenage Council went to Korea and wrote a book . She was dismissed by Stevenage Council for speaking out . Similarly Wilfrid Burchett a Daily Express journalist exposed what was going on as did the
"Daily Worker" 's Alan Winnington.
  There were movements against the Korean war in many countries . Britain the Communist Party of Great Britain and the "Daily Worker " took the lead in the struggle against the Korean War and some Labour MPs such as SO Davies opposed the Korean War.
 Today the Korean Friendship Association UK opposes the division of Korea and calls for the withdrawal of US troops from Korea.

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