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People's Korea a country full of anti-imperialist ,anti Yankee spirit -special article by Dr Dermot Hudson to mark the Month of Solidarity with the Korean People


Today People's Korea or Juche Korea stands imposingly in the far east as the fortress of miliant anti-imperialism ! Visit the DPRK and you will breathe the atmophere of militant revolutionary anti-imperialism .  The tanks and vehicles of the Korean People's Army  carry the slogan " Let us wipe out the US imperialist aggressors  the sworn enemy of the Korean people " , probably the DPRK is the only country in the world to carry such a strong and militant slogan . Back in October 2015 I asked my guide what the Korean word for the US imperialists was , she translated it with a sound of deep contempt in her voice and added  ' We hate the US imperialists '.

Whilst others have dropped militant anti-imperialist slogans and have compromised with the US imperialists ,even jabbering that they will  build "a more robust and mature relationship" with the US imperialists , People's Korea guided by the revolutionary Songun idea and the anti-imperialist independent Juche idea , maintains a  strong , militant and uncompromising anti-US , anti imperialist stand . As the great leader President KIM IL SUNG said "All imperialism, without exception, is aggressive in nature, be it Japanese imperialism or US imperialism, the imperialism of yesterday or the imperialism of today.
Just as the brutish nature of a wolf cannot change, so the aggressive nature of imperialism can never change. Catch a wolf cub and raise it; the beast will still do harm to people and flee into the mountains when it grows up. If the aggressive nature of imperialism changed, it would mean that imperialism had already ceased to exist. So long as imperialism remains, its aggressive nature will remain

 The DPRK neither forgets nor forgives the US imperialists . During the Fatherland Liberation War (or Korean War ) provoked by the US imperialists millions were killed by the Yankee imperialists. One such place was Sinchon which is about 2 hours by road from Pyongyang . Here a museum was established to remember those who died but more importantly to educated people about the nature of US imperialism . The museum was rebuilt and expanded in July 2015. Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN visited Sinchon in November 2014 and declared  "The massacres committed by the U.S. imperialist aggressors in Sinchon evidently showed that they are cannibals and homicides seeking pleasure in slaughter" He gave  the task for rebuilding and expanding the Sinchon Museum  pointing out that "illusion about the enemy just means death and any slightest illusion about the enemy may lead to the renunciation of the revolution and eventually spoil it.". 

The new Sinchon museum was constructed at the site of where the massacre of mothers and children occurred . Previously people would visit the museum which stood in the town of Sinchon and then come to the spot where the US imperialists murdered mothers and children . Visiting museum in October 2015 and April 2017  which was much bigger than the old one we saw the grim and truly stomaching turning evidence of the Yankee imperialists crime in Korea. The US imperialist army had temporarily occupied Sinchon County , south Hwanghae province from October 1950 to December 1950. The US imperialists and their local Korean colloborators -various treacherous scum such as ex-landlords, ex-capitalists ,usurers and backward reactionaries - murdered over 35,383 people , more than 500 people per day . Really the Yankees and their puppets outdid the Nazis in terms of savagery ,as they managed to kill so many people in such a short space of time and in a confined area. The US imperialists used all kinds of barbaric and bestial methods of killing and acted like wild animals .
  The new Sinchon Museum is equipped with the latest technology and even includes sound effects. An atmosphere of ant-US , anti-imperialist militancy was created by the song "Death to the US imperialist aggressors " being played over the PA system. There were anti US posters on display and one could purchase cheaply booklets such as "Sinchon Indicts the Yankee barbarians " . Real no-nonsense anti-imperialism which you will rarely find anywhere else in the world. There is also
a revenge pledging ground as well. People's Korea does not simply educate people about the horrors of US imperialism but urges them to take revenge on the US imperialists !
    Elsewhere in the DPRK there are centres of anti-US,anti-imperialist education . For example at Susan Ri, Kangso District , which was the site of another brutal and terrible US massacre. Recently a National Class Education Hall has been opened in the vicinity of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum . Visiting the Pyongyang Orphans Secondary School in October 2015 we saw an anti-imperialist class education room. The DPRK devotes much effort to anti-imperialist education . As deaer respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said "   U.S. imperialism is the arch-villain of aggression which came into being and got fattened with aggression and plundering, he pointed out. Its nature and brutality as an aggressor remain unchanged forever, and if there is any change today, it has got more insidious and crafty in the method to satisfy its greed for aggression...To intensify the class education is more urgent today when the younger generation, who experienced neither exploitation and oppression nor the stern trials of war, have emerged the driving force of the revolution. The class education should not be delayed or neglected for a moment though time passes and generations are replaced, but it should be intensified in depth and on a permanent basis.
    As fish cannot live without water, it is impossible to think about sovereign life of people and dignity and value of human beings without anti-imperialist, anti-U.S. education and class education " 
  The DPRK is probably unique in the world in carrying out such a thoroughgoing anti-US, anti-imperialist education . It is the only country in the world to have a museum like the Sinchon Museum You will not see any strong anti-imperialism in neighbouring China . Visting  the supposedly socialist country of Hungary in the 1980s one did not find any anti-Americanism or anti-imperialism there but instead Madonna records and RamboT shirts were on sale and a McDonalds opened in the fashionable Vaci Utca(Street). In the USSR back in the early 1960s the traitor Khruschov had declared peaceful co-existence with US imperialism to be the order of the day and dropped anti-imperialists , worse was to follow when Gorbachov announced 'perestroika ' and 'glasnost'  blabbering about "universal human values "  and a 'new era of ideology free international relations' (needless to say Gorbachov ran the USSR into the ground within the space of 6 years) . Some placed great hopes in China which put up anti-imperialist slogans in the 60s and flowery talk about 'hands across the ocean ' , however these dissolved into "reform " and "opening up " with the Chinese proclaiming themselves as "strategic partners" of US imperialism. Shamefully China has imposed sanctions on the DPRK rather than applauding its excellent anti-imperialist stand . Thus in todays world it is the DPRK that holds high the flag of militant anti-Americanism, anti-imperialism.
  People's Korea is a proud independent country of anti-imperialist , anti-US spirit , the like of which is not seen in any other land ! People who hate US imperialism must give People's Korea the unstinting and unconditional support that it deserves.
Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association UK
Chairman British Solidarity Committtee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula
Member International Committee for the Study of Songun Politics.

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