Saturday, 17 June 2017

DPRK's Decision Was Entirely Just: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, June 17 (KCNA) -- The U.S. military moves against Syria are getting more outrageous on a daily basis.

The U.S. startled the world by launching a missile strike on an air-force base of the Syrian government army in April last. It again launched an air strike at the country's military position on June 6 under the pretext that it intruded into the "de-confliction" zone.

This was a brutal state-sponsored terrorism aimed at toppling the anti-U.S. government in Syria.

No matter what bizarre excuse the U.S. uses to justify its strike on Syria, it cannot cover up its criminal nature.

The U.S. has long maneuvered to topple down the current anti-U.S. Syrian government and install a pro-U.S. regime.

It left no stone unturned in its attempts to incite its internal dissention to topple the Syrian state as part of its strategy to dominate the Middle East.

As the situation in the Middle East including Syria got deteriorated after the emergence of such international terrorist organization dubbed "Islamic State", the U.S. took it as good chance and launched full-scale military invasion under the pretext of "anti-terror operation."

The U.S. unilaterally set the "de-confliction" zone in Syrian territory and launched an air strike against the just anti-terror acts of the government forces as "intrusions," considering its territory as its own without its approval. This clearly shows that the U.S. ambition to topple the government has gone to extreme phase.

The U.S. military acts against the Syrian government provide living testimony to the aggressive nature of its "war on terrorism".

The "anti-terror war" started by the U.S. clamoring about revenge for the 9/11 incident was a new variant of war of aggression aimed at dominating the world by clearing the countries of anti-imperialist independence from the earth, citing them as chieftains of "terrorism".

The U.S. is busy striking the Syrian government forces under the name of routing terrorists by applying "anti-terror operation" and keen on backing up "Islamic State," talking about support for anti-terror forces.

Due to state-sponsored terrorism of the U.S., a stumbling block is lying in the way of activities of the Syrian government for territorial integrity and guiltless people are mercilessly killed in Iraq and other parts of the world by Yankees' bombs and missiles.

The U.S. imperialists are a wrecker of global peace and security and a kingpin of international terrorism. As long as they remain on the earth, their state-sponsored terrorism to bring down other countries and nations will continue without letup.

Today's reality once again proves that the DPRK's decision was entirely just because it has rapidly built up its nuclear force believing it as the best choice to counter the U.S. imperialists with only strong power.

The DPRK's army and people will further beef up its nuclear deterrent for self-defense both in quality and quantity to counter the U.S. ever-more undisguised war moves. -0-

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