Sunday, 4 June 2017

Crusade for elimination of accumulated evils

Crusade for elimination of accumulated evils
Broad segments of south Koreans are waging a vigorous action to remove all sorts of evils left by the Park Geun-hye group.
Members of organizations including the Solidarity for Democracy, People's Life, Peaceful Reunification and Sovereignty and the Federation of University Students in the 21st Century held a candlelight meeting outside the Prosecutor's Office on May 25.
They carried slogan-boards written “Removal of evils in prosecution is the start of drastic reform of society!” and “Liquidate formation of party within the prosecution”, while chanting slogans in demand of reform of the corrupt prosecution.
At the meeting, the speakers expressed their resentment at money-envelopes which brought to light among prosecutors, adding those envelopes were to pay the price for shutting their eyes to the crimes committed by Woo Byong-woo, former chief secretary for civil administration of Cheongwadae.
Noting that the drastic reform of south Korean society is impossible without elimination of deep-rooted evils of the prosecution, they added that they will fix their eyes on the drive of its reform.
They stressed that they would hold candlelight to reform the prosecution and eradicate evils as they ousted Park.
The Korean Teachers and Education Workers’ Union (Cheongyocho) held a rally in University Street of Seoul on May 27 to mark the 28th anniversary of the formation of Cheongyocho, at which it demanded the withdrawal of decision on outlawing it and the liquidation of evils in the education field.
Attending the rally were more than 5 000 teachers from across south Korea. Speakers there demanded the withdrawal of the decision on outlawing Cheongyocho and the guarantee for three labor rights and political rights of teachers.
The new government should carry out a reform in education field to withdraw the decision on outlawing Cheongyocho, they noted.
At the end of the rally, they marched to the Gwanghwamun Plaza
The Cheongyocho held a news conference in Seoul on May 29 to go on a stay-in strike till the end of June in demand of the withdrawal of decision on outlawing it, revision of law of the teachers union and the guarantee for three labor rights.
In the news conference, the Cheongyocho said that it should eradicate the evils implanted by the Park group in the education sector and called for them to root out obsolete evils of the south Korean society through the guarantee for three labor rights of the teachers.
On the day, the Cheongyocho declared that it would launch an all-night sit-down strike including the weekend and hold a rally on June 7.

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