Saturday, 5 March 2016

Statement of KFA Singapore on the UNSC Sanctions

KFA-Singapore is deeply dissapointed at The UNSC resolution 2270 recently passed unanimously on late Thursday.
KFA-Singapore firmly believe it's a right of a sovereign State to peaceful space exploration. We also believe, The DPRK has every right to defend the dignity of the supreme leadership of The DPRK & it's sovereignty against any aggression in a manner it seem fit.
The big powers only have themselves to blame as they escalate the tension on the Korean Peninsular and Asian continent. They are pushing the region to a brink of war and potentially flattening the entire continent.
They are leaving The DPRK with no choice but to introduce such drastic measures to defend herself. To add on, those who failed to learn from history is doomed to repeat it.

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