Friday, 4 March 2016

KCNA Commentary Accuses S. Korean Chief Executive of Her Reckless Remarks

  Pyongyang, March 4 (KCNA) -- Chief executive of south Korea Park Geun Hye, addressing an event commemorating the anniversary of the March 1st movement, described the March 1st movement as a historic event in which the Korean people pooled efforts to take back the usurped country and talked nonsense that this spirit helped build an "independent and prosperous" south Korea. In her address she did not forget to slander the DPRK as a "provocateur".
    In a word, what she uttered was nothing but shameless and sheer sophism.
    The flurry of jargons spouted by her even at the event commemorating the anniversary of the March First Popular Uprising which recorded a glorious chapter in the history of the Koreans' struggle for national liberation was a challenge to the sacred national history of the struggle for protecting sovereignty.
    The March First Popular Uprising was a nationwide resistance against the Japanese imperialists in which the Koreans turned out as one to win back the dignity of the nation and sovereignty usurped by the ferocious Japanese imperialists.
    Through this heroic resistance, the Korean people powerfully demonstrated before the whole world that the Korean nation had a high sense of independence as it was possessed of the indomitable spirit and warm patriotism of risking any sacrifice for the sovereignty of the country.
    Had Park been a woman with an elementary thinking power and face, she should have kept mum and looked back upon her miserable position and the crimes committed by her group against the nation.
    South Korea is not a society with "freedom and prosperity" as claimed by her but a colonial and corrupt one increasingly depending on the U.S. master in political, economic and military aspects.
    In recent years the south Korean puppet group has concealed and overlooked the fact that the U.S. imperialists have conducted dangerous germ warfare experiments after introducing pest, botulinus and toxic germs into south Korea dozens of times.
    When the U.S. criminal scenario for germ warfare was disclosed by media, sparking criticism from the Korean nation and the world, she perpetrated such act of treachery as describing it as a "meaningful project" before the U.S. master.
    She brought about a series of changes in the "economic policy" and spent a huge amount of money to save the economy from bankruptcy caused by the U.S. colonial policy, but they proved counter-productive. They did not help increase household income. Household debt jumped to 1 200 trillion won.
    Due to the extremely tense situation caused by the ceaseless nuclear war drills with the U.S., south Korea's export-oriented industry is in the doldrums, putting economy on the verge of bankruptcy.
    In recent days Park was upbeat over her master's commitment to deploying THAAD in south Korea but she is now running helter-skelter as the situation turned unfavorable to her.
    South Korea has never exercised a sovereign right for several decades since the liberation of Korea from the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule. It is a political caricature for this poor colonial slave to talk about "freedom and prosperity."
    Her shameless rigmarole about "freedom and prosperity" is nothing but a third-rate trick to embellish the miserable reality of south Korea where nothing has changed for the better in the past three years of her office and calm down the angry public by hurling mud at the compatriots in the north and mislead public opinion to prolong her dirty remaining days.
    With no rhetoric can the puppet group of south Korea cover up and justify their unpardonable acts of treachery.
    Running high is the resentment of the nation at the Park group.
    The traitors are fated to face a stern punishment by history. -0

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