Sunday, 14 February 2016

Worst People’s Life

South Korean people raise their voice to criticize the authorities that turned south Korea into a desert of peoples welfare.
Park Geun-hye declared the peoples well-being in the presidential election.
The south Korean peoples miserable plight prove that it was a false advertisement to take the presidency and gain the popular favor.
South Korea recorded 2.87 million unemployed people and 6.07 million underemployed in 2014, although Park widely advertised stable employment in the presidential election.
About tens of thousands of university graduates roam the streets to hunt their jobs.
The situation of the aged people is more deplorable.
The aged people forsaken by his or her families and relatives wander from place to place. It topped well over 88 5000.
The old people in south Korea suffer from poverty, loneliness, friendlessness and disease.
The old people over 60s elect suicide, cursing hateful south Korea.
The condition of public healthcare is woeful.
There is a saying in south Korea; Be careful about your health, if you are poor as the treatment and drug fees are very expensive.
Seven million families or 45 percent of the population lead a vagabond life and 10 million people live under poverty line.
There are many people in south Korea living in a rented room, leasing a room on a deposit basis, dugouts without address or street number, plastic houses and containers, leading an ephemeral life.
The south Koreans give up love, marriage, delivery, housing, human relationship and even their lives by abject poverty.
Branding the current government as the government that tore the presidential commitments, the domestic economy and democracy to pieces and the one that disrupted the economy and state affairs and imposed pains upon the people, the south Korean people of various circles lament that the people live under distress for three years.

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