Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Miserable Human Rights Situation in U.S. and Western Countries Disclosed

Pyongyang, February 23 (KCNA) -- The DPRK Association for Human Rights Studies issued an indictment on Feb. 23 disclosing the miserable human rights situation and human rights abuses by the U.S. and western countries which are styling themselves "human rights champions".
    The indictment referred to the fact that the political freedom and right, the most valuable right of the human being, are being seriously violated in the U.S. and western countries.
    It said:
    The U.S. and western countries are mercilessly trampling down and cracking down the freedom of the religion of other nations and are not properly guaranteeing elementary human right to existence and socio-economic rights.
    In the U.S. and western countries human rights to work are denied and a lot of children are suffering from poverty, left without any state and social care and protection and women are subject to all sorts of insults and discriminations.
    The U.S. and western countries are desperately spreading their decadent and reactionary ideas and culture by using all media in disregard of the requirements of the international law on human rights calling for respecting the freedom of thinking and cultural diversity in other countries.
    They are encroaching upon the essential right of human beings to receive safe and trustworthy news by spreading misinformation.
    The U.S. is patronizing the dissident organizations in other countries and zealously egging them on to bring down their governments. Not a few countries of the West are helping the dissident bodies of other countries to make the situation in the relevant countries unstable and bring about regime changes by providing such bodies with funds, etc.
    The U.S. and western countries are wantonly violating the international laws for preventing and punishing massacres under the pretext of "anti-terrorism".
    The U.S. has long shamelessly perpetrated such human rights abuses as tapping not only phone messages in its country but those of heads of governments of other countries.
    Recalling that the world is now in the grip of the worst refugee crisis in history, the indictment noted that this is an inevitable product of the policies for domination, hegemony and interference pursued by the U.S. and western countries for meeting their own avarice and interests.
    The issue of refugees being spawned by the U.S. and western countries is a human rights abuse, the indictment said, adding: To put this crisis under control and ensure the rights of the refugees is the obligation and duty of the U.S. and western countries under international laws.
    However, they are evading their responsibilities for them and seriously violating the rights of the refugees.
    Their hideous human rights abuses are now being institutionally committed due to their government's policies and they can be settled only when a genuine system for ensuring human rights is established.
    The U.S. and western countries, tundras of the human rights and cesspools of the human rights abuses, had better stop painting themselves as "human rights champions" and talking about the human rights situation in other countries and mind their own businesses. -0-

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