Sunday, 28 February 2016

Kim Jong Un Sends Letter of Thanks to Officials, Working Youth and Students

  Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) --
Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, on Saturday sent a letter of thanks to the officials, working youth and students who volunteered for national defence with ardent patriotism and loyalty and the will to annihilate the enemy.     The full text of the letter of thanks reads:
    Within only two days after the Supreme Headquarters of the Korean People's Army published on February 23 a crucial statement on punishing without mercy the U.S. imperialists and their south Korean puppet clique who are hell-bent on extremely reckless war moves, officials, working youth and students of universities, colleges and senior middle schools numbering 1.5 million across the country volunteered to join or rejoin the Korean People's Army.
    I highly appreciate these dependable people for having volunteered for the defence of the country and the revolution burning their hearts with infinite loyalty to the revolution, ardent patriotism and the will to annihilate the enemy, and extend heartfelt thanks and militant greetings to them in the name of the First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army.
    The courageous spirit of our people, including youth and students, who gave vent to their pent-up fury on the enemy, who are running amuck to provoke our prestigious state impudently, and rose up in the sacred struggle for inflicting merciless divine punishment on them, is a demonstration of the lofty spiritual world of the great Korean people who firmly trust the Party Central Committee only and absolutely follow it, a revolutionary people who are ready to defy a bloody war, and even death, and smash the enemy if it is for the defence of justice.
    As soon as they heard the crucial statement of the Supreme Headquarters of the Korean People's Army, our officials, working youth and students, laudable sons and daughters of heroic Korea, held meetings in various parts of the country and expressed their soaring hatred against the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet clique and their will to annihilate the enemy.
    Students of universities, colleges and senior middle schools turned out as one with a determination to take up arms in defence of the country and the revolution, and a large number of officials of the Party and the youth league as well as ex-soldiers now working at factories and farms presented earnest petitions for rejoining the army.
    The 17-year-old girl students of senior middle schools chose to become today's brave beauty Yeppuni in defence of the Party Central Committee, rather than to enroll in institutions of higher learning. Workers wrote on the petitions for joining or rejoining the army about their determination to settle accounts at the cost of their blood with the enemy who are bringing the cloud of war in their foolish dream of achieving "system destruction" in our Republic. Their burning hearts clearly showed how pure and warm the love of our people, including young people, for the Party and the country is, and how fiercely their hatred against the enemy, who are attempting to deprive them of their living base, soars.
    While receiving reports on the explosive enthusiasm for enlisting in the army manifested among young people, working people and officials across the country and their determination to take revenge on the enemy, I felt great pride in having such excellent young people and revolutionary comrades, who burn their hearts with the revolutionary spirit and patriotism and never pardon injustice in the slightest, and once again gained infinite strength and courage.
    That all the service personnel and people live with their lots cast in with the Party Central Committee is the genuine feature of Korea that cannot be found in any other country and in any other era, and it is the physiology of our society which the enemy can never understand. The steel-strong, revolutionary unity of the Party, the army and the people is our greatest strength incomparable to the might of scores, nay, hundreds of A-bombs or H-bombs.
    There is no people in the world other than ours who, cherishing a thoroughgoing anti-imperialist revolutionary spirit, have achieved one brilliant victory after another in the anti-U.S. showdown that has continued from generation to generation and from one century into the next. As long as it has such a great and heroic people, Songun Korea will always emerge victorious.
    Now the imperialist enemy are making a last-ditch effort to check our onward advance by all means.
    But they are too ignorant of our people.
    Our heroic people, whom the great Comrades Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il trained throughout their lives, know full well what their motherland means, what a genuine life of a human being is and how they should defend the supreme dignity of the revolution and bring their happiness into reality, and are filled with a firm determination to support the leadership of the Party and the leader with their burning hearts and through an indomitable struggle.
    By leading all the service personnel and people including young people who are unfailingly faithful to its cause, our Party will completely frustrate all manner of provocative moves by the hostile forces and surely bring the final victory of the Juche revolution.
    With the same spirit and mettle as they displayed in turning out as one and volunteering for the sacred struggle for defending the country and the revolution, all the service personnel and people including young people should make redoubled efforts in the general offensive to celebrate the Seventh Party Congress as a glorious meeting of victors as it will constitute a historic landmark in carrying out the revolutionary cause of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    If the U.S. aggressors, the sworn enemy of the Korean people, and their south Korean puppets, a despicable group of traitors to the nation, eventually ignite a war, all the officers and men of the heroic Korean People's Army, our Party's revolutionary armed forces, will give vent to the indignation of the revolutionary army by firing salvoes to reduce the enemy's strongholds to rubble, and win victory in the war to make jubilant cheers for the prospering reunified Korea reverberate far and wide.
    All the people including our heroic working class of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and a steel-strong legion of young people with a rifle in one hand and a hammer, a sickle or a writing brush in the other should thoroughly arm themselves with our Party's revolutionary view on war, intensify their anti-U.S., anti-puppet clique class consciousness and turn their soaring indignation into most strenuous efforts.
    The working youth and students should achieve greatest successes conducive to building a prospering country by waging an unprecedented labour struggle and intensive studying at their workplaces and schools with the feeling that they are in the same trench as the service personnel.
    All the fronts and posts should raise the fierce flames of the general offensive to death-defyingly implement the militant tasks presented in the letter of the Party Central Committee to all its members and the joint slogans of the Central Committee and Central Military Commission of the Party, and thus greet the victorious May in a dignified way carrying the records of the 70-day campaign of loyalty inscribed with heroic devotion and shining miracles as well as proud labour results dedicated to the Seventh Party Congress.
    Party and working people's organizations should conduct offensive-style political and ideological work in a concentrated way and rouse the entire Party and all society to display mass heroism as never before. By doing so, in the 70-day campaign that is proceeding forcefully day and night they can create a new spirit representative of the Mallima era of Juche Korea and a new heroic fighting mettle.
    I firmly believe that all the service personnel and people including young people, who always cherish a feeling of attachment to the garden of the offices of the Party Central Committee, will give free rein to the indomitable mental strength and the spirit of self-development they have cultivated under our Party's concern, and brave grave challenges of history so as to achieve the victory of the cause of Juche-oriented socialism and communism without fail and demonstrate the dignity and might of Kim Il Sung's nation and Kim Jong Il's Korea to the whole world. -0-        (2016.02.28)

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