Monday, 8 February 2016

UK KFA slams reactionary FCO statement on DPRK Satellite Launch


London 8th of February 2016

The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement in response to the statement of Foreign Secretary Hammond on the recent successful launch of the DPRK's satellite Kwangmysong  4:
   Firstly , it is the absolute inviolable right of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to explore space and to launch space vehicles. Space is not owned by the US or anyone else nor is there a monopoly granted to a small numbers of states to explore space . The launch of the Kwangmysong 4 was carried out on the DPRK own territory using its own resources .  It is no one else business whether the DPRK launches satellite or not . It is certainly not the business of the UK which is thousands of miles away from the DPRK.
   Secondly, Hammond cites UNSC 'resolutions' but these are illegal ones that are actually contrary to the UN charter and were railroaded through the UNSC using bullying ,diktat and influence buying . The UNSC resolutions were a violation of the DPRK's sovereignty and the DPRK rejected them when they were passed .Thus the DPRK is not legally bound to obey any UNSC resolution.
  Thirdly, the DPRK's launch of the satellite was not a threat to anyone nor was it detrimental to regional peace and security. The DPRK followed all international procedures  by informing all relevant UN bodies of its intention to launch a satellite .  The DPRK is a signatory to the Outer Space Treaty(5th of March 2009) and is therefore entitled to launch satellites. It is a false assertion of Hammond that the DPRK is prioritising nuclear and missile development  over the living standards of its people. In fact the launch of the Kwangmysong greatly contributes to the well-being of the people of the DPRK by contributing to the improvement and advance of the independent economy of the DPRK.
   The UK should  not meddle in the affairs of the DPRK nor should it act as a poodle of the US . It is time for the UK to recognise the DPRK's right to independence and develop relations with the DPRK on that basis.


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