Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Report of Meeting of the ASSPUK, Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK Korean Friendship Association

The Juche Idea Study Group of England supported by the Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the UK Korean Friendship Association held a successful meeting to mark the Day of the Shining Star , the 74th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL , in central London on the 30th of January . The meeting was honoured by the attendance of the diplomatic representatives of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea and was attended by members of the Juche Idea Study  Group of England, the Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK, UK Korean Friendship Association and also members of the New Communist Party which included Andy Brooks general secretary  as well members of its central committee, members of the Communist Party of Great Britain Marxist Leninist and Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain Marxist Leninist . A member of the Sweden Korea Friendship Association also attended .

Chairman Dermot Hudson opened the meeting saying that it was very important
to celebrate the Day of the Shining Star as a practical act of solidarity with Peoples Korea.
The chairman read out a message from KFA member David Munoz de Castro which read in part "I congratulate the Korean people for the success of H bomb text which is the symbol of the victory of Songun.
This demonstrates the socialist superiority against imperialism and also against the decline of the revisionists propaganda which is the puppet of the imperialism and enemy of the working class.
Our support, solidarity and fight is always with the People of Korea.
Stop the imperialist and revisionist propaganda against the DPRK!

Andy Brooks said that meetings like this one were very important to increase solidarity with the DPRK . He said that the H bomb test  by the DPRK was a successful act of self defence and that the DPRK was committed to no first use of nuclear weapons.
Alexander Meads , JISGE member and student spoke about the life and revolutionary activities of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL  the sun of Songun. He said that comrade KIM JONG IL was born the son of guerrillas on Mt  Paektu . Throughout his life he was at one with the people  for example he participated in the construction of 20,000 flats in Pyongyang . KIM JONG IL began his Songun revolutionary leadership on the 25th of August 1960 at the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su no 105th tank division of the KPA and continued with it throughout his life. He was a great revolutionary . Alexander concluded with a rallying call to carry forward the ideas of great comrade KIM JONG IL.

Comrade Thae Yong Ho from the DPRK embassy exposed the falsity and hypocrisy of those who argued against the DPRK nuclear deterrent , apparently the UK must have its own nuclear deterrent but not the DPRK . More must be done to expose anti DPRK propaganda. Comrade Thae took some questions from participants in the meeting. Asked about the 7th congress of the WPK he said that
congresses of the WPK are concerned with programmatic tasks.

Dermot Hudson chair of the JISGE addressed the meeting on the subject of the Juche Idea and Songun Idea today saying  in part "
The US and other imperialists turn their hatred and venom towards the
DPRK not because of “human rights “ nor because of the nuclear issue but because the DPRK under the banner of the Juche idea is self-reliant and is committed to self-development . This is what irks the imperialists the most. They also fear the spread of the Juche Idea and Songun Idea throughout the world , they do not want the DPRK’s example spreading to other countries
However the imperialists are in vain . The influence of the Juche Idea and Songun Idea are spreading rapidly... 
The Juche Idea and Songun are not abstract but firmly grounded in the realities of the world and are enjoying increasing support from the world people because they show the way to true independence.

James Taylor , UK KFA member and JISGE member who is also head of Eastern region of the CPGBML read out the statement  "Power of the DPRK " from the AINDF saying  in part "the power of the DPRK demonstrating throughout the world, the boundless pride of the people under wise leadership of the benevolent leader.
The fact tells that the audacious defender of people, the long-awaited savior of destiny of humankind, leads the world in the DPRK."
Theo Russell UK KFA Communications Secretary and member of CC of NCP said that the propaganda of the imperialists and revisionists  against the DPRK is false.

Shaun Pickford secretary general of the JISGE made a short speech praising  the life of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL.

Participants enjoyed a film about the DPRK Sporting Achievement in 2015.

A photo exhibition showing the exploits of the great leader comrade
KIM JONG IL was staged.

There was also an exhibition of the works of President KIM IL SUNG , chairman KIM JONG IL  and Marshal KIM JONG UN as well as publications of the DPRK plus publications from JISGE and UK KFA

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