Saturday, 27 February 2016

Why the DPRK is right to use strong language about the south Korean puppets! -special article by Dermot Hudson

Some have taken issue with the strong language used by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea about the south Korean puppet ruler Park Geun Hye . We in the UK Korean Friendship Association , the Juche Idea Study Group and the Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK , applaud the strong stand that the DPRK is taking towards the south Korean puppet regime. It is a just and correct stand and a most revolutionary stand that has been taken by People's Korea.
   The Democratic People's Republic of Korea and its supreme leadership have been subjected to a campaign of abuse, lies , invective, slander and calumny by the south Korean puppets . Much of this has actually been regurgitated by the Western media who fawn on the south Korean puppets and the US imperialists .
One south Korean 'national assembly' member even advocated the violent murder, the assassination of the DPRK supreme leadership ! This is an unspeakable crime and an intolerable provocation against the DPRK , to put it mildly . The DPRK is paying back the south Korean puppets in their own coin . When they slander and abuse the DPRK supreme leadership and the socialist system of the DPRK  the south Korean puppets should not cry and whinge that Park Geun Hye gets called an old bitch and a senile old granny  !
   In actual fact under previous inter-Korean accords such as the June 15 joint declaration  slander and calumny were banned,. The DPRK did its best to adhere to this . However south Korea has all but torn up all inter-Korean agreements and accords. For several years it has carried out leaflet scattering operations aimed at undermining the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership and the socialist system. How can the DPRK remain silent ?. Recently the south Korean
side pulled out of the Kaesong Industrial Zone, a symbol of inter-Korean co operation so thus the die is cast .
   What of south Korea itself and Park Geun Hye ?South Korea  is a puppet regime maintained at bayonet point by the US army . It is an artificial entity created by US imperialism and should not be dignified with the description of state . South Korea even pays the US imperialist army for its occupation of south Korea . The economy of south Korea is dominated by US and Japanese transnational corporations  and by comprador monopolies called Jaebols. South Korea is a society where the richer get ever richer and the poor get ever poorer.
    Park Geun Hye is the daughter of the notorious military fascist dictator Park Chung Hee who came to power through a bloody military coup in May 1961 in which hundreds of thousands were slaughtered. Park Chung Hee was a collaborator with the Japanese occupiers and colonialists. He later received training from the US military and CIA . This proved to be of no help in the end
as Park was killed by his own security chief on the orders of the US in 1979 having become a liability to the US imperialists.
   Park Geun Hye despite being of advanced age is unmarried and has no children , this is unusual for a Korean woman in either south Korea or the DPRK . Some speculated that she was a lesbian but others pointed to her having a lot of affairs when she was young and several abortions but this is unconfirmed.
Park has a personal fortune of $7million but this is an underestimate . While she lives in luxury many south Koreans are unemployed and homeless.
   Park likes to think of herself as the south Korean Thatcher , blissfully unaware that a sizeable section of the British people hated Thatcher and when Thatcher died held street parties and sang 'Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead'. One day south Korean people will dance and sign 'Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead'

Dermot Hudson

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