Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The south Korean puppet dirty tricks dept

The south Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) is hated and feared by the south Korean people for its repression and activities like kidnapping , torture , framed up cases and surveillance . Its history is long it started as the Counter Intelligence Corps or CIC , later under Park Chung Hee it became the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA ) , later the Agency for National Security Planning , the Security Planning Board and todays incarnation the NIS .
The role of the NIS outside south Korea is massive , It is believed to have deployed over 60,000 agents abroad in operations against the DPRK . Outside of south Korea its role and activities go beyond those of conventional intelligence agencies . It tends to specialise in dirty tricks but also bribery and efforts to undermine solidarity with the DPRK . There are instances where they have approached Juche Idea followers and supporters of the DPRK and offered them bribes not to support the DPRK. They have also resorted to threats and intimidation and even actual assassination attempts . For example shots were fired into the home of Dr Alba Chavez an Ecuadorean Juche Idea follower and head of the Latin American Institute of the Juche Idea . Dr Vishwanath the late director of the International Institute of the Juche Institute experienced a car crash caused by NIS agents.
In the UK there have been instances of activities against solidarity with Peoples Korea . One day the general secretary of  a pro DPRK party in the UK received a phone call from the so called press attache of the south Korean puppet embassy . This person knew that the general secretary was due to visit south Korea (just how is a mystery) . He was offered a free trip to south Korea and a free rolex watch.
I myself was phoned in Autumn 2003 a week before I was going to attend the European Regional Seminar on the Juche Idea . The caller said he was called Jun and was a Chinese journalist. However I heard Korean being spoke in the background. He said he knew I was going to the European Seminar on the Juche Idea . I asked how he knew and how he got my phone number. He could not reply about to that.

 Thus the NIS get up to all kinds of trickery that we need to be extremely vigilant over.

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