Monday, 29 February 2016

Rejected Draconian Labor Law

 Recently,  the feud between the various political forces on the Park regimes 5-point bill for labor reform is being intensified and the anti-government struggle of south Korean workers is on a high tide against the anti-popular misgovernment of the conservatives.
The bill proposed by the present chief executive is an evil law to increase the part-time workers. If the bill passes through the parliament, business groups easily fire the workers and pay the minimum wages.
For instance, the Labor Standard Act provides that the enterprisers are able to reduce the wages of the workers on some unreasonable pretexts or other. And the other doubles the part-time workers period of employment from 2 years to 4 years so that they are more difficult to be full-time workers.
Also, the bill makes the returnees who worked abroad at low wages as the part-time workers.
In a word, the bill is to sacrifice the workers rights to live for the interests of the business tycoons.
The various trade unions such as the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Korean Trade Unions and civic organizations of south Korea are carrying on a vigorous struggle against the conservatives retrogressive revision of the labor law.
Since January 25, the KCTU has gone on a general strike to smash the conservatives scheme. On February 2, the KCTU and the FKTU had a joint press conference to denounce the authorities two principles for the bill.
They would go on a struggle jointly to crush the plot to pass the bill, they noted.
With the general election is near at hand, the south Korean workers and people harden their determination to give a stern punishment to the authorities against the peoples intention and demand.

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