Sunday, 14 February 2016

Gruesome Pro-US Submission

Some time ago, the Lawyers for Democratic Society opened a document to public. The document exposes the fact that the south Korean authorities overlooked the GIs introduction of germs into south Korea. The US troops in south Korea handed over the document to the disease management center of south Korea on June 1 last year.
The document said that the US troops introduced anthrax germs and plague bacillus with munitions on April 26, 2015.
However, the south Korean authorities have kept silence about it for six months until they announced the deceitful joint findings with the US in December last year.
None of the US troops have been punished for the introduction of the germs. What is more lamentable is that the south Korean authorities are utterly remained mum about the fact.
Their silence with covering up the maneuvers of the US is a heinous crime to invade the DPRK with the foreign forces regardless of peoples life.
Contagions such as anthrax germs and plague bacillus are very lethal and they are banned to use and transfer internationally.
The introduction of germs proves that the US would not hesitate germ warfare as well as the nuclear warfare against the Korean nation.
The south Korean conservatives advocate the maneuvers of germ warfare of the US as a defense against the biological weapons of the DPRK and they scheme to join in the maneuvers of germ warfare of the US against the DPRK under the pretext of expansion of partnership.
They are notorious traitors who are possessed by the delusion to invade the DPRK and invite the disaster on the Korean Peninsula.
The various circles of south Koreans condemn the conservatives who conspire with the foreign forces for their invasion and get the germs without any hesitation that they are more dangerous than the germs.
Denouncing that the introduction by the US is a heinous crime against the Korean people, the progressive organizations and people in the world including the UK and Switzerland are demanding the prosecuting the US to the International Criminal Court.

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