Sunday, 14 February 2016

Immature move of “human rights” against the DPRK

 South Korean politicians, who have painted the dignified DPRK in which the people enjoy an independent and creative life as the masters of the state and society thanks to the politics of prioritizing, respecting and loving the people in dark colors, have made frantic efforts to railroad the controversial north Korean human rights act through the national assembly. 
The conservative cliques desperate bid to bull the north Korean human rights act through the national assembly become obstinate as the Park Geun-hye regime took power. 
Park Geun-hye has stubbornly forced the enactment of the north Korean human rights act and the ruling Saenuri Party has made every possible bid to enact it. It has employed north Korean defectors to spread direct lie against the same brethren. It has made desperate efforts to build up international public opinion.    
The south Korean politicians of the ruling and opposition parties decided to railroad the north Korean human rights act through the national assembly. Because the DPRK is displaying its might as a strong fortress of independence and bulwark of justice under the banner of Songun and the single-hearted unity of the DPRK army and people are cemented.
The south Korean authorities should show interest in the south Korean society, a barren land of human rights well known in the world, before talking about the human rights issue of north Korea.
In south Korea young people, the disabled and women that should be under social protection are treated as the working force easy to employ with underpayment.   
In Seoul 74.2 percent teenager are forced to work without a contract in service sector.     
A manager of salt farm in a remote island took ten disabled people into custody in a concentration camp to make them drudge.
He put them in chains and drove them to a doghouse, penalizing them for they do their work improperly. 
He forced them to work with only 4~5 hours sleep per day without paying wage. He used violence with a wooden club, spade and iron bar when they show any sign of rest.
To be sure, south Korea is a medieval barbarous society where human rights violations are prevalent beyond peoples imagination.  

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