Friday, 12 February 2016

living standards in fascist puppet south Korea

The fascist Park regime announced that the number of unemployed people is 770,000 and the rate of it is 3%.
But, this is a great lie.
The unemployment rate is over 7% at least. What is more serious is that the rate of the youth is over 20%.
In south Korea, it can cost 600,000 US$ for average to purchase a 2 bedroom flat. In Seoul, it is more expensive.
A worker has to save his income without consumption for over 30 years to purchase the flat.
Normally, it is said that, the cost of living, in Tokyo, is the most expensive in the world.
However, comparing with Tokyo, the cost-of-living index of Seoul is double.
The south Korean authorities provides that the minimum cost of living is 1,398 US$.
But, in reality, the minimum cost of living is 2,800 US$ and half of the south Korean workers have not earned such money.
It means that they have to live on borrowed money.
In south Korea, there are nearly 21,000,000 families. Of them, 17,500,000 families have a huge amount of debt to pay.
It costs 270,000 US$ to bring up a child until he or she graduates the university in south Korea.
But, even if they sell out all properties, the majority of south Korean people have not such amount of money.
The above-said facts reflect the miserable situation for living in south Korea.
Due to the difficulty of living, a lot of people commit suicide every day.
Capitalist society is a hell for working people and socialist society is a paradise for them.

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