Tuesday, 9 February 2016

South Korea and fascism

Some people do not like to hear south Korea called fascist , they insist that it is merely "conservative " or "right wing " . This kind of naivety ignores the fact that south Korea has been ruled by a series of military and civilian fascist dictators such as Syngham Rhee, Park Chung Hee, Chon Du Hwan, Roh Tae Woo, Kim Yong Sam , Lee Myung Bak and now Park Geun Hye (daughter of Park Chung Hee ).
In south Korea there are fascist style laws such as the National Security Law and the Anti Communist Law which suppress communist and leftist movements by force and even punish people simply for believing in communist ideology or sympathizing with the DPRK . South Korea still holds 23 long term unconverted prisoners.
This is not all, fascist and Nazi ideology are quite open in south Korea . It has a number of Hitler themed bars and Nazi chic is seen as fashionable . In the early 1960s a foreign journalist reported that Mein Kampf was sold openly in south Korea and avidly studied by officers of the south Korean puppet army.
South Korea is linked with international neo naziism and fascism through the notorious "World Anti Communist League ". South Korea was one of the main sponsors and organisers of WACL . WACLs . One leading figure in WACL was Roger Pearson. Pearson was a founder of the Northern League in the UK , an organisation that even some fascists thought was too extreme. South Korea through WACL in the late 1970s funded the notorious National Front in Britain (part of which formed todays BNP and its origins can be traced to the neo Nazi NSM and League of Empire Loyalists ) , this was eventually ut a stop as the US did not like the south Korean puppets wasting what was their money on fascist boneheads !
So do not be deceived if anyone tells you that south Korea is not really fascis


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