Friday, 12 February 2016

More about Kaesong

Concerning the Kaesong Industrial Zone issue . Firstly the DPRK is perfectly entitled to seize any assets of the south Korean companies because they are on DPRK and the DPRK can seize, confiscate or nationalise anything it likes on its own territory this is its right. Secondly, south Korea were taking the mickey by saying they were closing Kaesong and withdrawing staff but apparently some of them were not going to leave until Saturday . What the DPRK has done is to say 'okay leave then but you leave when we decide' . The seizure of assets by the DPRK also prevents south Korean capitalists from stealing what has been created by the labour of DPRK workers and therefore belongs to the DPRK and its people. Thirdly, it was nonsense for south Korea and others to say that KIZ was a big benefit to the DPRK. Visiting the DPRK in 2008 a professor of the Korean Association of Social Scientists told me that in reality soujth Korea was benefiting 10 times more than the DPRK from the KIZ. The south Korean businesses benefited from low rents etc and the fact that DPRK staff had free housing and free childcare supplied by the DPRK. The KIZ was meant to serve the interests of reunification and inter Korean co operation. The amount of money earned by the KIZ was relatively small and could not fund the DPRK nuclear and rocket programme. Moreover the imperialist blockheads continually ignore the fact that the DPRK nuclear bomb and its rockets are made using indigenous resources basically a product of self reliance

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