Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The "socialist " and Fake "left " pals of south Korea

One DPRK basher who claims to be on the "Left" and a socialist , if the former Labour Member of the European Parliament Glyn Ford (or Glyn Fraud as we in UK KFA call him).Ford wrote the anti DPRK book "north Korea on the brink " and a truly awful article repeating imperialist slanders about the DPRK in
the revisionist Morning Star .
However , look again at this so called socialist. He is actually a corporate lobbyist who even advocated the US south Korea Free Trade agreement ! See the link below.
It is an open secret that in the early 1990s the south Korean puppets bribed a number of UK Labour MPs with free trips to south Korea , gifts of cars and watches etc .
So when you hear someone say " actually I am socialist but I do not like the "personality cult " .... human rights ... blah blah blah " just look again money is likely to be behind it !


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