Thursday, 18 February 2016

Foundation Statement of the UK Preparatory Committee For 2017 gathering for praising the great persons born of Mt Paektu


The UK Preparatory Committee for the 2017 gathering to celebrate the great persons born of Mt Paektu was founded in November 2015.
It was decided ,after hearing the report about  about a visit to People's Korea in October, for the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Wokers' Party of Korea at the meeting called by the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the UK Korean Friendship Association in November 2015, to form a UK Preparatory Committee  for the 2017 gathering in the DPRK to celebrate the great persons, President KIM IL SUNG, Chairman KIM JONG IL and dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN born of Mt Paektu.
 Today when the achievements of People's Korea such as the H bomb test and the launch of the Kwangmyongsong 4 satellite  are becoming greater with each passing day but at the same the pressure and sanctions of the US imperialists and their lackey states becomes more intense , solidarity with People's Korea becomes the order of the day and celebrating the keynote anniversaries of the DPRK assumes a greater significance !    The greatness of the great leaders comrades KIM IL SUNG and KIM JONG IL is becoming more apparent all the time. The legacy bequeathed by these great leaders is the thriving and prospering People's Korea of today with its powerful independent national economy,  independent space industry and nuclear deterrent.
We must re double our efforts to increase solidarity with the  Democratic People's Republic of Korea , therefore the Preparatory Committee shall conduct vigorous activities such as meetings,exhibitions  and other events. We will work towards getting a British delegation to join the magnificent festivities that will take place in the DPRK in 2017
    Our Preparatory Committee fully the appeal to the world progressive people, the basic points of which are :
First, let us look up and highly praise the peerlessly great persons who opened up the new era of independence and wisely led the sacred cause for freedom and happiness of people, for peace and prosperity of humanity.

Second, let us further promote friendship and cooperation with the DPR Korea and extend strong support to and solidarity with the Korean people in their just cause

Third, let us meet together on sacred Mt Paketu in the significant year 2017 to highly praise the peerlessly great persons and accelerate the advance towards the victory in the cause of humanity for independence.
 We will conduct activities in support of these points and believe that they should be widely publicised throughout the labour and progressive movement in the UK and amongst anti-imperialist people. Indeed we need to vigorously publicise these points amongst a wide audience . It is a very important to shows the greatness of the great leaders comrades KIM IL SUNGKIM JONG IL and dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN to the British people as well the vital importance of the Juche Idea and Songun Idea.
We will soon create a website and conduct activities.

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