Sunday, 14 February 2016

“Policy of Unification” is "Unification of System"

 In order to mend deteriorated inter-Korean relation and reunify the nation, the south Korean authorities maneuvers for unification of systems must be dropped the curtain.
The maneuvers are serious obstacle to the improvement of inter-Korean relations. The south Korean authorities are scheming to overthrow the dignified socialist system of the DPRK to realize their delusion of unification on the liberal democratic system.
In the north and south of Korea, different ideas and systems have been adhered for over 70 years and neither side would give up its own idea and system. In these circumstances, imposing idea and system on the other would cause confrontation and conflict inevitably.
Aiming at the change of system of the DPRK and the unification of systems openly, now the south Korean authorities are intensifying the mistrust and confrontation between the north and south.
The present south Korean chief executives policy toward the DPRK, Trust-building Process on the Korean Peninsula by name, is an anti-national confrontational policy to realize the delusion of unification of system by leading the DPRK to a change with the foreign forces.
Holding Germany up as a model of unification, she made a declaration in Dresden, Germany. The declaration is a result of delusion of unification of systems. The theory of unification jackpot is none other than theory of unification of systems.
Embellishing the criminal policy of unification of systems as a peaceful unification policy, the south Korean authorities are keen on mendicant diplomacy for unification to gain the foreign forces support and cooperation on it.
At the end of last year, the south Korean chief executive visited some European countries with the object of performing diplomacy for unification. During her visit, noting that they are main companions for peaceful unification on the Korean Peninsula and their changes of systems were successful, she implored for support and cooperation on the policy of unification of systems everywhere.
The diplomacy for unification aimed at unification of systems is an impure maneuver to overthrow the dignified DPRKs system. South Korean authorities collusion with the foreign forces such as diplomacy for unification strains inter-Korean relation.
The collusion is opposed to the general principles of reunification common to the nation.
The north and the south have already clarified in the June 15 Joint Declaration to achieve national reunification through the federation formula.
The federation formula is a plan to reunify the country and the nation by establishing a federal state on the basis of leaving the ideologies and social systems in the north and the south intact. It is in full accord with the realities on the Korean Peninsula and it is the most fair and aboveboard reunification formula acceptable to all.
Possessed by the delusion of unification of system, regardless of this excellent peaceful reunification formula, the south Korean authorities have made desperate bid to incite confrontation.
Their delusion of unification of system that is escalating inter-Korean confrontation is infeasible.

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