Friday, 6 April 2018

UK KFA Slam Lord Howe's anti-DPRK outburst !


                            Friday 6th of April

The UK Korean Friendship Association(UK KFA) today issued a statement condemning the senseless anti-DPRK outburst of the Minister for Defence , Lord Howe;
  UK KFA totally condemns the outburst of Lord Howe , the Minister of Defence . It would appear that the British government is even prepared to join hands with those very extreme reactionary forces that are trying to derail any prospective DPRK-US summit and also the inter -Korean peace process .Lord Howe's outburst is completely nonsensical . Lord Howe has either taken leave of his senses by asserting that the DPRK will launch a nuclear strike against the US in July or he is in league with those who wish to see a war on the Korean peninsula !
   Lord Howe shamelessly reverses the truth , turning black into white. The DPRK has always declared its commitment to the No First Use of nuclear weapons . It is the DPRK that is exposed to the nuclear threat of US imperialism and has been over decades of its existence . The US in 2001
listed the DPRK as a target for a  US nuclear strikeThe current US chief executive had several times threatened to destroy the DPRK . Some in the Trump administration are talking about the so-called
"legal case " for attacking the DPRK first . The DPRK has every right to defend itself ,it is the
independent right of the DPRK to defend itself from the US,
   Lord Howe has indulged in an ill-intentioned bid to whip  anti-DPRK hysteria at a time when tensions on the Korean peninsula have cooled down thanks to the efforts of the DPRK for peace and reunification.
  We hope that the British public reject this nonsense ! There must be a full scale campaign for
peace on the Korean peninsula , this would include ending the US hostile policy against the DPRK and the withdrawal of US troops from the south of Korea.

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