Friday, 13 April 2018

Crime is bound to bring punishment

Park Geun-hye was sentenced to 24 years in prison and was fined 18 billion won (18 million US$) by the court on April 6.

Though heavy penalty inflicted upon Park, who abused her power in her administration of "state affairs" and perpetrated high-profile graft, is light, however, it is due punishment.

Beside, other suspicions including payment to the National Intelligence Service for special activity and dereliction of her duty when ferry Sewol was submerged are under investigation. She would be convicted more years in prison if the investigation proves confirmatory.

After pronouncement the south Korean people of various circles contended that she should be sentenced to penal servitude for life in view of high-profile graft.

Park has never reflected on her crimes before the people but denied them and refused to stand trial.

Grumbling their complaints that the decision of the court was “cruel one” and “Park is pitiable”, the Liberty Korea Party denied and covered her crimes to invite anger and denunciation from people of different strata.

The present situation shows that Park and her clan are making all kinds of desperate efforts to get rid of miserable plight.

At the same time, the south Korean people can neither take genuine freedom and democracy nor lead worthwhile life unless all sorts of evils including the conservative force are eradicated.

The campaign for eradicating evils is just in the beginning.

The south Korean people are carrying on a vigorous action to remove the conservative force which stamped out democracy.

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