Friday, 20 April 2018

From Naenara Key to Independent Development

Today, independence shines as a byword for praising the immortal exploits President Kim Il Sung performed century after century, and the idea and lines on independence serve as an invincible banner of life and struggle for the world progressives.

Independence is our life. The only way out for our living is just to maintain independence. We return home with this precious key provided by the President.

This is what the head of a government friendship delegation of Burkina Faso said when he met with the President during his visit to the DPRK.

In the 1960s Burkina Faso declared itself independent and made every possible effort to defend its political independence. In order to make its economic development, it mapped out a five-year plan for its socio-economic development and buckled down to the work. But, as the plan was based on 80% of its fund on foreign capital, the country was faced with various challenges. This being the situation, its government dispatched a delegation to the DPRK in order to receive the instructions of President Kim Il Sung on building a new society.

The President met the members of the delegation and acquainted himself with the situation of their country. He told them in the following vein: In order to maintain one’s political independence it is necessary to increase one’s economic power. The people of economically backward countries are to be naturally infected with worship of the developed countries. If one is wedded to worship of big countries and dependence on them, he or she will make little of his or her own things and think well of everything of others. After all, one will follow them blindly. It is a mistaken idea to harbour high expectations of the “aid” from the West.

And he told them the following edifying episode: It happened when the DPRK tried to build its first pumping station. At that time, our country had no ability to produce a water pump by its own efforts, so it sent letters of making a request for pumps four times to a certain country. But the latter sent only several pumps. We could not complete the irrigation projects of the whole country that way, so we decided to produce water pumps by our own efforts. At first, we were confronted with a series of setbacks because of poor experience. But we tackled it with determination and, before long, we succeeded in turning out large-size water pumps. With those pumps, we finally carried out the irrigation projects.

Deeply moved to hear the story, the head of the delegation said to the President that he could clearly understand independence was the key to all the achievements of the DPRK.

In September, Juche 70 (1981), the President met the first vice-chairman of the Venezuelan Movement towards Socialism. Affirming the lines and policies of the movement, he said that it was very important to have faith in the strength of the popular masses who have independence and creativity and solve all problems in reliance upon their strength. The source of our invincible might is that we have the Juche idea and all the people are armed with the Juche-oriented view of the world, he stressed. Listening to his instructions, the first vice-chairman convinced that his theory on independence was an all-powerful key to building a new society.

In June Juche 81 (1992) the chairman of the Swedish Communist-Workers’ Party asked the President to give instructions concerning the practical ways to rebuild the socialist movement on a worldwide scale. The President clarified as follows: In the light of the historical lessons of the socialist movement it is very important to firmly maintain independence in the struggle for socialism. The parties of each country should confidently advance along the road of socialism under the unfurled banner of independence in keeping with the requirements of the present times. As each country has its own conditions, so there are not and will never be all-purpose solutions that fully conforms to the actual situation of each country. We think that all parties should make revolution and construction in their own way with independent stand. The DPRK should carry on the revolution and construction in Korean style, and Sweden in its own way.

As seen above, President Kim Il Sung was an extraordinary veteran statesman who implanted the spirit of Juche and the idea of independence into the hearts of the world progressives and opened up a new era of independence in which the popular masses push ahead with the revolution of their country in an independent way, free from domination and submission.

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