Friday, 13 April 2018

UK KFA Demands ;Turn the HMS Sutherland Back !-No to British naval involvement on the Korean peninsula !


13th of April 2018

The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement denouncing the decision of the British government to send  the warship HMS Sutherland to the the waters around the Korean peninsula along with HMS Albion and other British warships for the alleged purpose of "sanctions monitoring ".
   On the 11th of April the HMS Sutherland , a type 23 frigate of the British Royal Navy  weighing
some 4,900 tons , arrived in Japan  in order to take part in "enforcing " and "monitoring " sanctions against People's Korea !.
 This is an extreme provocation by the reactionary right wing Tory government and the British imperialist establishment against People's Korea. It is totally unnecessary as well as being an unwarranted challenge to the sovereignty and independence of People's Korea.
 As  the spokesperson for the Korea-Europe Association   " The "vessel check and inspection" sought by the hostile forces is, in essence, nothing short of an act of naval blockade and an act of war that undermines the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula". This words are indeed true. The
sanctions against People's Korea by the UN Security Council  are nothing but a mean and vile attempt by world imperialism to crush People's Korea and destroy its socialist system . These sanctions themselves are a violation of the DPRK's sovereignty and of questionable legality
  This is a very ill thought out and precipitate action by the government that risks  Britain being dragged into a war on the Korean peninsula.
  We ask how can the British government waste taxpayers money on such a foolhardy display  of crude "gunboat diplomacy "? , how can the British government find money for sending a warship to Korean water when public spending is being cut back every day .?
  This action by the British government goes against the very idea of friendly relations between Britain and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Instead of sending warships to Korean waters to participate in warmongering and provocation the British government should instead develop sincere co-operation and exchange between Britain and the DPRK.
 We demand the HMS Sutherland should be turned back and returned to its port in Britain  !

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