Friday, 13 April 2018

Solid foundation for national reunification

Solid foundation for national reunification
President Kim Il Sung is a peerless great person who provided a solid foundation for national reunification and unity with his ardent love for and devotion to the nation.
He had worked heart and soul to reunify the country until the last moment of his life since national division caused by the foreign forces.
He made a precious tradition of national concord by convening the Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in North and South Korea in April 1948 and wisely led the realization of solidarity between the south, north and abroad to expand the movement for reunification on a nationwide basis.
He set forth the three principles of reunification, 10-point program of the great unity of the whole nation and the proposal for founding a Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo to strengthen the driving force of national reunification. He provided a solid foundation for reunifying the country in a fair manner and smoothly.
With a resolute will to put an end to tragedy of the national division, he left his last autographic sign on a document related to the national reunification.
His revolutionary career was the great life of peerless patriot who dedicated his all to the country’s reunification.
Recollecting the undying exploits performed by the President, the Korean people are singing songs in praise of him with their hearts.
South Korean people from all walks of life said that President Kim Il Sung had worked heart and soul to reunify the country, saying he could not get to sleep at the thought of the south Korean people. He had devoted himself to the country’s reunification until his last breath. They highly eulogize him as the greatest man in the world, a unequaled patriot dedicated his all to the country’s reunification and the greatest saint among legendary heroes.
The south Korean people’s reverence for the President is developing into their unswerving faith to turn out in vigorous action to reunify the country true to patriotic intention of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
The Korean people harden their resolve to realize the President’s instructions for reunification under the leadership of the Supreme Leader.

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